Benefits of Medical Cannabis

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( — August 15, 2019) — The use of marijuana in medical treatments has been hot news recently. You might be wondering what this type of cannabis involves. And whether or not you should consider using it. Medical marijuana takes the extract CBD from the cannabis plant. 

This differs from THC, which gives users a high and is a popular substance for recreational use. CBD is mellow and can be used for a range of ailments. Below are some ways that medical cannabis can benefit you. 

Treats Anxiety and Depression 

Marijuana has the ability to address these common mental illnesses. Certain compounds in marijuana mix with the receptors in the brain and encourage the creation of more dopamine. This is a hormone that brings feelings of well-being and happiness. 

Cannabis medicine can also calm different types of anxiety. If you suffer from severe cases of anxiety or chronic depression, a prescription of marijuana can help. 

Pain Relief 

The most common use of marijuana in Canada and the United States is for pain relief. In states where this medicine is legal, it’s often prescribed for back and joint pain. The CBD compound soothes the pain by blocking signals to the pain receptors in the brain. 

Marijuana can relieve a range of different physical pains. According to Apollo Cannabis Clinic, it can treat arthritis, nausea, and migraines, amongst other ailments. 

Fewer Side Effects 

Traditional medicine comes with some unwanted side effects that can sometimes be severe. Antidepressants and pills for anxiety often cause addiction. Most people find themselves relying on pills for longer than their subscription. 

According to medical experts, the effects of these pills wear off after about six months. That’s why marijuana makes a good substitute. There are fewer side effects associated with its use, and it’s not addictive. 

Not as Risky as Traditional Medication 

We often think that marijuana is dangerous and shouldn’t be trusted as a medicine. Research shows that in terms of risk to users, it’s particularly low. A lot of psychosis medication and antibiotics can be more damaging to the brain and nervous system than marijuana. 

Cannabis is plant-based and therefore has fewer chemicals and added compounds. It stays relatively pure when prescribed to patients. 

Think About it

Now you know the benefits of medicinal cannabis. Why not give it a trial and see how it works for you? It’s versatile and can do more good than harm to your body. Give some prescription marijuana a chance and notice the improvements to your health!