Long Term Benefits of Preschool – Improve Your Child’s Critical Thinking

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(Newswire.net — August 16, 2019) — The long term benefits of preschool are necessary. The decisions a parent makes early in their child’s life can often benefit or hold their child back over the course of their entire life. If you are a new parent then one example of this that you will likely encounter is the decision of whether or not to put your child in preschool. 

Long Term Benefits of Preschool

The wrong choices in this area might put the child at a significant disadvantage in their education and socialization that will make it harder for them when they begin attending school and mixing with other kids. So what are the long term benefits of preschool, and why should you consider sending your child to one.

– Better learning performance.

Putting your kid in preschool provides them with a low-level foundation for their education that has been shown to benefit children throughout their long-term schooling. Reports indicate that a preschool education results in improvements in essential literacy and numeracy skills during their later years of higher learning. The first five years of a child’s life are when their brain does most of its growing, so these years are crucial in educating the child in these fundamental skills that will form the basis for their further academic education.

– Better social skills.

The preschool environment provides kids with the opportunity to mix with other children and to learn how to get along with them. A professionally run preschool will also have teachers who will be able to moderate your child’s behavior and teach them how to behave properly in social situations they find themselves in when playing and learning with other kids. This will benefit them when they attend higher learning schools as they will have a behavioral framework that will make them more socially confident and less likely to act out in frustration over poor social skills. By interacting with teachers from a young age they will also have a better attitude towards educators that will encourage them to talk to their teachers about any issues they have with their education and with other matters.

– Better attendance and attention.

Evidence suggests that kids who attend preschool are less likely to skip class in later education as the preschool experience better prepares them for the realities of attending school as they get older. Familiarizing them early with the process of going to school on a regular basis reduces the stress they may encounter when they reach school-age and schooling becomes a larger part of their life. This familiarity will also help them focus their attention on their education and not be distracted by a school environment that they are unfamiliar with.

– Preschool versus daycare.

Preschools are tightly regulated with teachers requiring proper training and accreditation. The focus at a preschool is education rather than just keeping the child occupied. Daycare centers are less focused on giving your child a basis for their further learning and may not have the same standards of care as a preschool. If you have to choose between the two then a preschool is probably the better and safer choice for your child.

There are a great many long term benefits of preschool education so it’s worth taking the time to educate yourself on what the advantages are. Your kids will spend a lot of their childhood in a school classroom, so giving them a solid foundation for that experience when they are young is extremely important. The skills they learn in that preschool classroom will likely be skills they carry with them for the rest of their lives.