Big Money Fundraising Ideas – Make the Most Profits

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( — August 19, 2019) — Raising money for charity or for something else you are associated with can be really rewarding and you will know that you have done your part. Asking people for money for a particular cause can feel awkward, but fundraising is fun and a great way to make money for the respected charity. Here at some big money fundraising ideas that you can do for some big success.

Big Money Fundraising Ideas

A few big money fundraising ideas to consider trying include holding a 5k race, having a raffle night, cake bake-off and more to reap all of the benefits of fundraising

Hold a 5k Race

Many people are looking to get into shape and why not give them the motivation to do just that with a 5k race? This is super fun and everyone is guaranteed to get involved as they let their competitive side comes out through this unique fundraising idea. All runners taking part will need to pay a registration fee and this is the money that will go towards the non-profit organization. What does the winner get you might be wondering? The pride of winning obviously!

Have a Raffle Night

A raffle night is something fun to do and everything is going to want to get their hands on some tickets in hopes of winning something that they want. You can get in touch with local businesses and ask if they have anything to donate. It will be great exposure for them so many will be happy to offer their goods/services as prizes in the raffle.

Have a Cake Bake-Off

There are so many people out there who are proud of their baking skills and there are probably some in your community too. Charge people to enter a cake bake-off, there will need to be a prize for the winner too of course. You will need to assign a panel of judges to taste the cakes (oh what a difficult job) and then a winner can be assigned. Do second and third place too if you are lucky enough to get a lot of entries. This is a really fun event and will actually not even feel like a fundraiser at all. You can even sell different food items during this bake off, just in case people get hungry throughout it. 

Have a Poker Night

Poker is a big hit amongst people in their twenties-fifties and you can hold a poker evening as part of your fundraising extravaganza. All players, will, of course, need to pay an entry fee to join the game and the winner should either get a prize or half the money in the pot. The other half will, of course, go to the charity and there will hopefully be a great time had by all.

Used Book Sale

Set up a donation box in your non-profit organization or charity and ask for people’s old books. You can then have a sale where you price up these books and sell them. There are always people out there who love to read and you don’t have to feel bad about asking for slightly more than you would otherwise since it’s all for a good cause like your high school sports team, organization or club.


These big money fundraising ideas are suitable for a whole number of occasional and perfect for people of all ages. Get the whole community involved, raise money for what matters to you and with these ideas in mind, you can start planning today.