Caloundra Roofing Expert Roof Painting Restoration and Repair Services Launched

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( — August 21, 2019) — Doonan, QLD — Doonan, QLD roofing expert Prestige Roof Transformation launched a full range of roof restoration, repair, painting, coating and other roofing solutions for clients in Doonan, Caloundra and the surrounding areas.

Prestige Roof Transformations, a leading roofing company based in Doonan, Queensland, launched an updated range of roofing solutions for residential and commercial clients in Doonan, Eumundi, Caloundra, Mooloolaba and the surrounding areas. The company provides expert roof restoration, painting, cleaning, coating and repair, working with a team of expert professional to ensure high standards of quality and durability.

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Keeping the roof in optimal condition is essential for a variety of reasons. The roof is the first barrier between the elements and the structure of the home and the most visible part of the home, making up about 40% of its exterior structure.

Proper roof maintenance is thus essential for both structural integrity reasons and for ensuring maximum property value, and contacting a professional roof painting contractor is the best way to make sure that all roof jobs are completed safely and successfully.

As one of the leading roofing contractors in Queensland, Prestige Roof Transformations strives to provide a complete roofing solution adapted to the needs of modern homeowners in Caloundra, Doonan and the surrounding areas.

The company is available for anything from roof inspections and tile changing to large-scale repair, repainting, coating and many others.

One of the only a few accredited Dulux painters in the area, Prestige Roof Transformations can offer a 10-year paint and 5-year workmanship warranty.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We have expertise in both colorbond and tiled roof painting. Most roofs need to be cleaned with a high pressure water blasting then primed with the appropriate primer then given two coats of roofing membrane. We have experience in all types of roofs and have the cleaning equiptment, safety equipment and all painting gear. We can consult on the best colour scheme, the most appropriate finish, and then deliver top quality paintwork on your roof.”

The Doonan roofing experts are fully equipped to work on roofs of all sizes, types and materials, providing prompt, safe and reliable solutions adapted to the needs of each client.

For a limited time only, clients can benefit for a $500 on their roof transformation project.

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