Fremont Mold Removal Emergency Restoration and Remediation Services Launched

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( — August 22, 2019) — Alameda, CA — Alameda, California company Home Services USA launched an updated range of mold remediation services for clients in Fremont and the surrounding areas.

Home Services USA, a restoration company based in Alameda, California, announced an updated range of mold removal services for residential and commercial clients in Fremont and the surrounding areas. The company works with licensed and certified mold removal and remediation experts to provide prompt and reliable solutions for all types of mold issues.

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Some small amount of mold spores will naturally exist in any indoor environment within levels that are perfectly safe for the health of the residents. However, higher levels of humidity will lead to larger mold growth, an issue which can cause a variety of health issues and potential structural problems.

Home Services USA provides a multi-step home remediation solution designed to bring mold levels back to natural levels and address the root cause of any mold issue.

The company’s service begins with a detailed assessment of the mold-damaged area to identify the type of mold and the extent of the damage.

The Fremont mold remediation experts then address the originating source of moisture to prevent new mold growth, then treat the affected areas to eliminate excessive mold. Depending on the type of mold issue and the structures affected, certain materials such as drywall or carpeting may need to be replaced.

Finally, the experts clean and sanitize the area, and provide additional restoration services, if necessary.

The Fremont company is available 24/7 for any type of mold or water damage emergency.

With the latest update, Home Services USA continues to expand its range of high-quality restoration services.

A satisfied client said: “We had the unfortunate experience of dealing water damage in our home. Home Services USA did their best to help us get the damage cleaned, they did a great job cleaning the carpets, and duct work as well. They were willing to work around our schedule as well. We would definitely recommend their services.”

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