How to Study for the Nclex in 5-Weeks

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( — August 21, 2019) — You’ve worked so hard to get to this point, and you want to make sure that you’re as prepared as possible before facing the NCLEX. This requires a solid study plan to guide you during this prep period. However, not everybody has the opportunity to take months off to prepare. Studying for the NCLEX in less than two months may feel impossible, but as long as you are dedicated it can be done. So, here is a guide to help you create a fast-tracked NCLEX study plan.

When Planning Your NCLEX Test Prep:

1. Plan to study every day.

Since you do not have a lot of time before your exam, you have to make sure you are utilizing the time you do have. This means studying for at least 4 hours every single day. You need to make sure that you have enough time scheduled to cover all of the material that will be on the exam.

2. Schedule in some breaks.

Trying to power through your studies by cramming isn’t going to help and may actually hurt you, as you won’t absorb the material correctly. Factor in a 15-minute break for every hour of studying to give your brain a rest.

3. Avoid distractions.

When you are studying, remove all possible distractions to ensure you are making the most of your available time. Avoid TVs, cell phones, and even friends or family by making it clear that this time is exclusively for NCLEX test prep.

4. Use multiple study tools.

Practice exams can help you assess where you are at and what material needs more of your attention. Flash cards and audio lectures are also good tools to utilize during your daily commute or while running errands.

5. Find a NCLEX tutor or program.

Using a NCLEX test prep tutoring service can help you make the most of limited study time by keeping you on track. They can also help you in any areas where you get stuck or are having trouble with. Many students find that having a tutor by their side helps as it gives them somebody to talk to about the material, making it easier to remember.

A Suggested Study Plan Guideline:

Week 1

Begin by studying the body systems. Use this time to review content and take notes in order to create a solid foundation you can come back to later if needed.

Weeks 2 & 3

Now that you’ve created a baseline, you can begin studying disease processes. This is the core of what will be tested on the NCLEX, so you should give yourself plenty of time for this section. You will need to be able to identify a large variety of conditions, which means you need to give yourself enough time to work on your detection and memorization skills.

Week 4

The next step is to start incorporating practice questions into your study prep. This will help to prepare you mentally for the actual exam, as well as give you a chance to analyze which areas you need to go back to review.

Week 5

The exam is coming up, which means it’s time to focus on review. You’ve already learned all of the new content you can, so it’s time to take some time to keep the information fresh. Make sure to avoid studying and reviewing the day before your exam, and to give yourself a chance to relax. This will allow your brain some time to reset and prepare for the big day. Good luck!