New Reports Warn Heart Disease Is One of the Top Health Threats to Men

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( — August 29, 2019) Orlando, FL — In the United States, more boys are born every year than girls. However, it remains true that men tend to be less healthy than women.

According to research, men are more affected by the top 15 leading causes of death than women. This particularly excludes Alzheimer’s disease, which many men have been found to not live long enough to suffer from.

Demetrius Porche, DNS, RN, editor in chief of the American Journal of Men’s Health, says men put their health last.

“Most men’s thinking is, if they can live up to their roles in society, then they’re healthy,” he adds.

One of the most common diseases affecting men is heart disease, particularly atherosclerosis. This condition is characterized by the hardening of the arteries, and it has claimed many lives in the past years.

Darwin Labarthe, MD, MPH, PhD, says heart disease and stroke are the first and second leading causes of death worldwide, in both men and women.

Labarthe is director of the Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention at the CDC.

“It’s a huge global public health problem, and in the U.S. we have some of the highest rates,” he adds.

Scientists have long been researching the steps to improve cardiovascular health. Nutrients like magnesium are identified to be useful in warding off diseases affecting the heart.

In some studies, it has been found magnesium aids in reducing blood pressure and the risk of stroke. Its adequate levels inside the body may even significantly reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death.

Multiple studies have also shown that when there are significantly sufficient levels of magnesium inside the body, it could decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Researchers carried out a study in 2014, and it involved 7,216 men and women. They aimed at looking into the link between magnesium consumption associated with the Mediterranean diet and the risk of cardiovascular disease over a mean of 4.8 years.

They found that individuals with the highest intake of magnesium and a high risk of cardiovascular disease had a lower risk of death when compared with individuals with low intake of magnesium.

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