Dr Carl Holm Friendly Family Dentist Pocatello Gentle Dental Services Announced

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(Newswire.net — August 22, 2019) — Pocatello, ID — Pocatello, Idaho full service dentist, Dr Carl Holm, has announced a rebranding to highlight their gentle and caring services. Offering preventive care, and reliable emergency services for when problems strike.

Dr Carl Holm in Pocatello, Idaho, has announced a rebranding and new look for his dental practice to highlight how they offer gentle and caring full service dental care for local patients. The practice is known for its excellent service, and their mission is to provide a kind and gentle approach to dental care.

For more information please visit the website here: https://holmdentalpocatello.com

Many patients have a fear of going to the dentist, and this puts them off signing up for appointments and sometimes even causes them to miss appointments they have booked.

Dr Carl Holm aims to dispel the fear over dental treatments by ensuring a friendly, welcoming and caring environment for every patient. He and his staff strive to be gentle and make every dental service as comfortable as it can be.

The team highlights that it is extremely important for people to care for their dental health. The latest research shows a link between oral health and overall health, and regular visits to the dentist can ensure that the patient’s teeth and gums remain healthy.

As a full service dental care provider, Dr Carl Holm and his team provide expert preventive care, family dental services, and emergency care. They have over 20 years’ of experience and can get patients the results they want and take care of their problems the first time.

The team states: “Professional teeth cleaning is the foundation of good dental care. It removes the plaque, tarter and stains that accumulate on the teeth. Tooth cleaning is needed every 6-12 months to reduce the likelihood of periodontal disease.”

They also offer high quality emergency dental care, which provides peace of mind for local patients. It’s impossible to know when a dental emergency will strike, but when it does, it’s important to know a gentle, kind and compassionate dentist like Dr Carl Holm is always available.

Dr. Holm is accepting new patients. Those wishing to find out more can visit their website on the link provided above or you may simply call 208-233-2525 today to set up an appointment.