Salt Lake City Estate Planning Utah Attorney Will and Trust Services Launched

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( — August 28, 2019) — Salt Lake City, UT — Salt Lake City estate planning services law firm Legal Ink PLLC offers free Life Planning Sessions to help individuals and families secure their assets, investments, and legacy. The firm focuses on protecting individual and family interests through legal estate planning solutions.

Legal Ink PLLC, a Utah law firm announced the availability of Salt Lake City estate planning services. The firm specializes in will-based planning and trust-based planning with legal advice and services to secure the stability of their families, business interests, and assets.

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A well-structured estate planning solution is crucial to securing individual, family, and business interests for the future. Legal Ink offers customized legal solutions to manage wealth, apportion assets or investments, and administer estate planning documents such as healthcare directives and powers of attorney.

The LA estate planning lawyer office offers trust-based legal planning to individuals, families, LLCs, and small or large business owners. Legal Ink specializes in the establishment and execution of private trusts that minimize risk exposure and are designed to prevent probate proceedings.

Legal Ink is headed by Utah attorney and entrepreneur Michael S. Glassford, an experienced legal estate advisor. The firm offers free Life Planning Sessions where the importance of life planning, practical considerations of trusts and wills, and proposed estate planning solutions are discussed.

Life Planning Sessions also offer clients clarity and the correct legal perspective to complex family and business situations involving divorce, custody, business partnerships, and other matters that could potentially affect the estate.

According to a lawyer & spokesperson for the Salt Lake City estate planning law firm, “Estate planning documents by themselves are meaningless to a family if not updated regularly. We are happy to help our clients establish protections that will ensure that their plans and wishes are kept current and implemented in the right way to keep their family out of court and protected from conflict.”

Legal Ink, PLLC is a Salt Lake City legal services firm that offers estate planning, business consulting, child protection planning, and divorce coaching.

For more information about Life Planning Sessions and the firm’s services come see us or call 801-610-6691 and visit the URL above.