Things to Understand in Your First Month of Dating

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( — August 27, 2019) — The early stages of dating are always exciting. You have spent countless hours on sites and apps, and now it seems you have finally found the one. When we have only just started getting to know our potential second half, we often idealize them. If you are seeking a true long-term commitment, there are things you need to find out in those first four weeks of exclusive dating.  

Today, singles often meet online, and dating sites create millions of happy couples. Whether you dream of beautiful Russian brides waiting at or look for a local woman, you are likely to meet online. After your first real date, things may be changing fast. Remember to notice these five things before getting really serious.

1. Are You Looking For the Same Thing?

Shared romantic goals are the key. Are they seeking a long-term relationship and do they make it clear? Do you suspect they may be hiding their true motives? Unless you both want a steady partner, your connection will not last. Make sure you are on the same track but do not make it feel like pressure.

2. Are Your Feelings Mutual?

Are they also willing to proclaim you their partner, rather than date? Of course, this is not the time for serious commitments or marriage plans. However, you should at least be sure they are dating you exclusively, and they do not have other people in mind. 

3. Compare Your Values

When central values clash, relationships often fail. Things like overall lifestyle, religion or even politics can be difficult to reconcile. For example, if you are an extrovert who cannot live without weekend parties with a crowd of friends, while your partner would rather stay at home with you only, you will be annoyed sooner or later.

Nevertheless, if you still want to try to make it work, one of you will have to make concessions. Nobody’s perfect, and relationships require work. 

4. Define Your Amount of Freedom

In short, being together 24/7 is a terrible idea. Everybody needs some time to be alone, and this need must be acknowledged and satisfied. Sticking around your partner all day is hardly endearing.

If you notice your partner revealing signs of stalking behavior, your couple will not be healthy. If you wake up in the morning to see dozens of texts and missed calls, run for your life. That person is clearly insecure and obsessive. 

5. Understand Sexual Compatibility

When sexual drives are drastically different, your happiness together will not be complete. Lasting relationships are built on the emotional, intellectual, and physical connection. In marriage, this may cause one of you to look for satisfaction on the side. Naturally, you could object to sex within the first four weeks, and it is perfectly okay. However, keep in mind that sex is an important factor for success, no matter how many humans may try to deny it.