Monsanto Roundup Weed Killer Glyphosate Cancer Lawsuit Support Launched

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( — August 28, 2019) — The Tort Lawsuit Group announced its support for victims of cancer and other diseases caused by glyphosate found in Monsanto Roundup weed killer. The firm offers consultations to help victims & families receive adequate compensation for medical bills, loss of pay, disabilities, and pain.

The Tort Lawsuit Group, a team of legal professionals covering health damage lawsuits announced legal services for individuals suffering from cancer caused by exposure to Monsanto Roundup, a commercial weed killer.

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Glyphosate, a broad-spectrum herbicide in the form of its isopropylamine salt is the active ingredient of Monsanto Roundup and has been identified as a potential carcinogen by the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Despite bans on its use by the several international governments, the product continues to be used around the world.

The lawsuit against Monsanto alleges that the corporation did not warn users of the increased likelihood of developing cancers because of glyphosate exposure.

The Tort Lawsuit Group offers prompt and compassionate legal support for Monsanto Roundup weed killer lawsuits. The firm’s experienced team of attorneys has a long track record of working with victims of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and other cancers associated with the carcinogenic product. The firm also announced payments for individual and third-party referrals.

Victims and their families who file for compensation are often overwhelmed by the complexities of the case and the volume of paperwork involved. Representatives from the Tort Lawsuit Group help victims understand their legal options and possible compensation for pain, mental anguish, punitive damages, medical bills, disabilities, and current or future lost wages.

According to a spokesperson for the law firm handling glyphosate herbicide lawsuits, “Despite being banned in more than 30 countries around the world, carcinogenic weed killer lawsuits continue in the US. Our legal teams support claims and offer advice that can help secure compensation for victims of cancer and those suffering from the adverse effects of exposure to Monsanto Roundup and other related products.”

The Tort Lawsuit Group is a team of legal professionals working towards securing compensation for individuals affected by defective, toxic, and dangerous consumer products in the United States. The firm covers lawsuits involving several products from large corporations including hernia meshes, blood clot filters, medications, and safety products.

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