Experts Now Reveal the Muscle-Building Tricks for Skinny Guys

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( — August 29, 2019) Orlando, FL — Many men want to bulk up, but only a few are successful. Muscle building can require many things, and it is not achieved just by using some products available in the market today.

Doug Kalman, R.D., director of nutrition at Miami Research Associates says forget about your alleged high-revving metabolism.

“Most lean men who can’t gain muscle weight are simply eating and exercising the wrong way,” he adds.

Experts say that the body uses a process called protein synthesis to store protein. As more protein is stored, the larger the muscles will be.

However, it is worth mentioning that the body also uses up protein reserves for other purposes, such as hormone production. This leads to reduced protein available for building the muscles.

According to Michael Houston, Ph.D., a professor of nutrition at Virginia Tech University, it can be counteracted by building and storing new proteins faster than your body breaks down old proteins.

It is also recommended to increase intake of not just protein, but also calories. Eating meat is also beneficial to men who want to build their muscles.

A landmark study was published in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

It is recommended to shoot for about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, which is roughly the maximum amount your body can use in a day.

Strengthening the muscles may be achieved with the help of macrominerals like magnesium. According to studies, this powerful healing ingredient plays a significant role in the production of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1).

Researchers reveal that the IGF-1 is needed for muscle growth and strength. It is also a vital part of the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which works in fueling the cells.

Another team of researchers carried out a study to explore more of magnesium’s influence in muscle strength.

It involved intake of the mineral by elite male basketball, handball, and volleyball players. In a span of seven days, it has been found consumption of magnesium was directly linked with maximal isometric trunk flexion, rotation, and handgrip.

The participants even had improvements while jumping. This powerful healing mineral has further been found to promote muscle relaxation and proper contraction. It is worth mentioning that individuals with low magnesium levels tend to be more susceptible to tightness and pain, which is due to the buildup of lactic acid.

In a study, it has also been found that magnesium supplementation had a positive effect on performance due to its ability to decrease lactate levels.

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