What Are the Odds You Will Read This?

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(Newswire.net — August 29, 2019) — Believe it or not, everything in life can be boiled down to statistical probability. Or, as we say – the odds. There are odds for anything in life. From marriage to a plane plummeting clear off the skies to its doom with the solid Earth below, we can statistically predict anything in life.

Once again, it’s all a big gamble, so we can never be sure what will actually happen but we can give ourselves a good estimate and entertain ourselves of the thought as well. So, let’s roll our sleeves up and see what statistics have to say about the odds;

# You Will Read This (full) Article

According to fresh statistics an average of about 2 million blog articles are published every day! One may argue it’s my lucky day you found mine. But will you read it until the end? The odds for that I will keep to the end…

# You Will Get a Divorce

Marriage is in decline and people who tie the knot surely must regret their choice sooner or later. Despite all the depressing rumblings in media, however, married couples are enjoying the connubial bliss and it feels good.

For starters, a working woman who’s in her 20s has only a 2% chance of divorcing her spouse. The chance inches up to 19% for those who have made it to 50 years and surprisingly it increases at the age of 72 to the exciting 38%. Well, with these numbers on our hands, you can just ask yourself – are you marrying that person for the right reasons.

If you are marrying them because you want to share your life with them, then this is a sure go-ahead sign. If you are not sure, however, you would need to reconsider, although if you would go on odds alone – they are in your favor. Whether you live in Australia or the United States, all you need for your connubial bliss to be is to just find someone who wants to say yes from the bottom of their heart.

# Win a Jackpot

Well it kind of depends on what you play but the most popular jackpot games are lottery and slot machines. The odds of winning the (lottery) Powerball jackpot is 1 in 292 million which is slightly better than the odds for the Mega Million (1 in 302 million), also a lottery game. However, far more people play the popular slot machine game called Mega Moolah. The odds for hitting the max jackpot on this slot machine is 1 in 49.8 million, not bad for a game that frequently pay above $10-million when being hit. 

# Get & Regret a Tattoo

Tattoos seem to be all the range in the 21st century. While they were commonly associated with an underground culture and job interviewers would promptly usher any person with a visible tattoo out of the building.

Yet, today some 18% of the population over 18 years old have some sort of body art located on them, and that’s a surprising figure. But have you ever asked yourself: what if I am not entirely happy with my art?

Have you ever wondered specifically what the odds of regretting your tattoo are? Well, the odds are truly exciting. Out of all women who have ever had a tattoo, 15.64% came to regret their decision. Meanwhile, male counterparts were rather happier, with only 9.60% reporting some distress about their tattoos.

Surprisingly, the biggest cause of disappointment is the reason for the tattoo. The majority of people, or 26%, say that the biggest concern for regret is because they chose to have a tattoo based on something they liked. Well, here’s a tough life lesson learned.

# Being Born

You always here how babies are a small miracle and to a big extent that is true. To watch a new life grow in their mother and subsequently come out, learn skills, grow and pursue their own ambitions is inspiring.

Yet, there is a bigger miracle at work here. The odds of actually being born are quite slim all things considered. In fact, you have one in 400 trillion chance to see the light of day, which is an abysmally small number – in fact, we are not sure that we can give a proper adjective to explain how improbable your being here is.

# Be Struck By Lightning 

While nature makes it very difficult for life to emerge – given our 1 in 400 trillion odds to be born – it doesn’t really spend much time protecting life. For instance, you have a 1 in 700,000 chance to be struck by lightning. This applies to the United States mostly, whereas the odds of being struck once in your life are in fact much better – or worse, depending on your philosophical bent.

Based on a National Geographic data, you may be struck by lightning in 1 of 3000 cases. This is not reassuring at all. Yet the death toll of people killed by lightning is not all that big, so don’t hurry up to consider yourself a goner just yet. Only 3,696 deaths have been recorded in the US between 1959 and 2003.

Is that reason to be optimistic? Perhaps a little yes.

# Asteroids Will Hit Earth

Here’s a fun fact: every piece of rock in space has its own chances to hit and wipe us! Well, thankfully NASA don’t expect that to be the case for the next several hundred years, which is reassuring. Yet, these observations only apply for the asteroids we have been able to see! There have been quite a few sneaky ones just leisurely passing by Earth.

So what about the odds of you reading this full article? Well it seems as if you did so thanks! Since 43% of all blog readers only skim through the article the chance is you did too. Considering you have 1 999 999 blog articles left to read today I would say some skimming is ok!