True Value Investment Calculator Online Stock Trading Platform Services Launched

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( — August 30, 2019) — Stock Value announced that an updated version of the Stock Value Screener is now available for individual investors and asset managers who want an accurate way to determine what the true value of a stock is.

Stock Value, a stock market trading solutions company, announced the launch of an updated range of their Stock Value Screener, a highly efficient stock trading tool that offers an objective view of each stock. The screener uses a comprehensive dashboard of value, price and quality metrics to determine what the true value of a stock is.

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When investing in the stock market, investors want to have command of some basic math equations which will allow them to determine where exactly their portfolio is on a minute by minute basis.

Stock Value Screener is an online stock research platform designed for individual investors and asset managers who care about understanding a stock’s fundamental real value. The platform will keep track of everything they own and everything they are interested in as well.

The trading tool will show investors at a glance whether their decision is a good deal or not. It will analyze their investments so they can better understand what they are investing in and why, which can help reduce risk and increase returns.

With Stock Value Screener, investors can create one or more watchlists using the quick-entry screen to monitor their stock portfolios or watchlists directly in the stock screener.

The screener uses only the best quality data sourced from premium data providers. As such, clients can be sure that the results are accurate.

David Hall, Founder and CEO of Stock Value, said: “My goal was to find a way to make money consistently with the market. It took me 12 years of research and trial-and-error, but I found a way that has worked consistently for me for years. Today, I own a stock portfolio, a portfolio of commercial and residential real estate and 13 companies.”

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