UK Mobile Network Referral Scheme 5-Friend Monthly Service Plan Launched

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( — August 31, 2019) — A new promotional campaign has been launched by JOi, the new UK mobile network. Customers can refer five friends and they will get their own service free for as long as the referrals remain active.

JOi Mobile has launched a new campaign, called “5 Means Free” for UK customers. It allows customers to refer five other mobile customers and guarantee that they get their own monthly service free of charge for as long as the referrals remain active.

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With the increase in smartphone use all across the country, more UK customers are looking for affordable and reliable mobile plans they can trust. JOi is a new company on the market and is offering something different to the traditional industry names.

With the launch of the new campaign, customers can save money on their mobile plan while benefitting from the features that JOi Mobile has to offer.

JOi Mobile was created to simplify the mobile network choice for its customers. The company was founded on the principle of clear and simple pricing plans, with no hidden charges.

The company offers fast and reliable service, with a network that can be trusted to cater to all of its customers needs. Pricing plans are available for every lifestyle, with a focus on simplicity and clarity.

One of the primary benefits of the JOi network service is that customers can call abroad for less. Low rates are provided for many popular international destinations, including India, China, Pakistan, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Argentina, Jamaica, Angola, and Afghanistan.

The company states: “JOi is a new consumer brand from ACN, providing the products and services you need to keep connected in today’s digital world. Operating initially in the UK and France, JOi will be rolling out the new services across Europe in the coming months.”

Interested parties can easily sign up for the new campaign simply by switching to JOi and referring their friends or family.

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