The Best Ways to Bet on the NFL in Pennsylvania

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( — August 31, 2019) — Online sports betting has just been launched in Pennsylvania, so what better way to enjoy the entire NFL season than placing some bets on your favourite teams?

Philidelphia boasts two incredible NFL sports teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles. Both will have a strong presence in the NFL betting in PA. If you’re a local, or just a fan, both of these teams would be worth a bet. Here are some ways you can bet on the NFL.


These are the longest bets, and perhaps the most simple to play. For example, you could bet on who is going to win the entire superbowl. Futures can be a great way to bet if you have a pretty good idea of the strongest team in the NFL, however anything can happen in this competition.


Another simple option that will allow you to bet on the NFL is moneline betting. In basic terms, you bet on a team to win a match. If Pittsburgh is +210 against the Patriots at -210, then Steelers fans will win $210 for every $100 wagered, while Patriots fans will have to bet $210 to win $100.

Prop Betting

This is a type of betting for the perhaps more risky betters out there. Rather than betting on scores, Prop Betting allows you to bet on such things as how many penalties will occur in a match. You can also bet on such things as ‘How many rushing yards will X have?’ and even ‘How long will the national anthem last.’

Live Betting

This is perhaps one of the greatest ways of betting towards the NFL. As the match is being played live, online bookies will set odds on such things like ‘What move will be played next?’. This way of betting is the perhaps the quickest, and therefore, if you win, will result in a quick return on your money.

With these ways of betting, plus many more (such as Points Spread, Parlays and points betting), NFL betting in Pennsylvania could make the National Football League even more exciting (and perhaps even rewarding) for you.