Plano TX Custom Jewelry Handcrafted Unique Designs Showcase Announced

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( — September 3, 2019) — Plano, TX — L’unique Jewelry has announced it can provide live goods showcases to anyone searching for jewelry in Plano, Texas. The store is known for its high quality custom jewelry pieces for any occasion.

Dallas TX based jewelry design specialist, L’unique Jewelry, has announced it can showcase live goods daily for local customers. Finished jewelry includes custom diamond manufacturing for wedding bands and engagement rings, using only the finest quality gems and precious metals from several international sources.

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With L’unique, the company owner and master craftsman Roupen Toranian produces high quality and eye-catching jewelry. Each piece is one of a kind and custom designed for the client.

This makes the Plano TX jewelry design expert ideal for anyone gearing up for a wedding or wanting something special for their loved ones.

L’unique aims to become the personal jewelry specialist for all local customers in the Plano area. They are fully qualified to fill all the custom jewelry needs regardless of the occasion or event.

Toranian has over 37 years of fine jewelry experience, and brought his business to the Dallas area 28 years ago. He prides himself on high quality service and hand crafts traditional and contemporary jewelry by combining over 200 years of traditional Armenian styles of gem setting and precious metal crafting expertise.

One of the main benefits of ordering custom jewelry is that the customer or gift recipient gets something that is truly unique to them. No one else in the world will have something like it, making it truly special.

Customers can get something with individual focus that is handcrafted and tailored to their specific wants and needs. This makes the jewelry more meaningful and memorable.

L’unique states: “We take time to understand your special request and make sure it becomes one of a kind without sacrificing trendiness. Whether it was for that special someone, a simple occasion, or a gift to yourself, you will be able to see your wish come true.”

Full details of the jewelry available can be found on the URL above.