Connect Communications Announce Launch of New Programmable Smart Phone Numbers

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( — September 3, 2019) — Edinburgh, UK — Connect Communications is a UK-Based company, offering telephone answering solutions for businesses. They provide a range of services, including call centre outsourcing, virtual telephone numbers, and virtual reception services.

Edinburgh, UK – Connect Communications, a telephone answering service for businesses, are pleased to announce the launch of the newest version of their programmable virtual telephone numbers service. Their launch of the Smart Number Portal allows clients to organise their virtual telephone numbers in new and intuitive ways.

Connect Communications Services are offering a new update to their virtual telephone numbers services. Smart numbers are telephone numbers that are specific to the needs of a particular business. Individuals and businesses can choose whether to have a local area number, a freephone (0800) number, or a local rate number (03). This gives businesses the opportunity to present themselves at a national level by selecting a non-regional number, for example. Businesses might also choose a local area number to promote a local presence through their phone number even if they are not based there.

Smart numbers have just become even smarter with Connect Communications’ latest product launch. Both small and large businesses could benefit from Connect Communications’ new and improved Smart Number Portal. The service is more intuitive, much faster, and more flexible to use. Clients have the option to manage their virtual telephone numbers on their mobile phone or via desktop. They can make edits to the service, including changing destinations, call timings, and menu options for callers.

For their new virtual telephone numbers service, Connect Communications are offering a huge variety of national and local numbers for clients to choose from, including freephone, local rate, and local area numbers. Prices for these start at £5 per month, and the client can decide when and to where calls are directed. The selected number can even be programmed to direct calls to different destinations depending on factors such as time of day. The new numbers can be used as a standalone product, or alongside Connect Communications’ other telephone answering service.

Connect Communications are dedicated to continually improving and expanding the telephone service solutions that they offer. Their latest update for virtual telephone numbers proves that they continue to grow and offer new innovations in the field of telephone answering services. For further information on this exciting new service, or their other existing services, visit the Connect Communications website or get in touch with the information desk via email.