Growing Opportunities for Indians Visiting Singapore

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( — September 3, 2019) — Visiting Singapore is not all sightseeing. There are real opportunities when wanting to start a business or begin working in Singapore. So as a young entrepreneur, there are opportunities for you to grow your business here. According to its World Bank ranking, Singapore is one of the best countries when it comes to the Ease of Doing Business as well as Starting a Business.

But just like anywhere, you need to know what businesses are viable in that specific market. Here are the areas where a business is more likely to thrive. All of these markets are booming, and as an Indian visiting Singapore, it can help you put down roots in the country and thrive.

The Food Industry

Singapore is full of travelers, and one thing everyone has in common, no matter where they’re from, is the love of good food. Starting a food business is not as hard as commonly perceived. Street vendors are all the rage in most sectors in Singapore, and this makes it even easier to establish a business fast as a visitor. You can even add your own flair by making the food dear to your heart, or homeland.

Lion City is the place to be as an emerging food industry. It partners with many vendors to create a paradise of cuisine. People come from all over the globe to get these eats. There will be tough competition but that is because when its done the right way a lot of money is to be made here.


This is possibly one of the most lucrative investments in Singapore today. Because of growing tourism and the booming food industry, as previously covered, the need for fresh grown food is rising as well. Singapore is a small country with limited space, this means agro-technology has been a requirement to meet these needs. Those with the initial funds to get started and the drive to learn and improve the use of agro-technology can have the perfect market at their fingertips.


Transportation is another staple in visitor culture. You even have an advantage being a visitor since you will know the most visited places, and those that are not easily attainable by visitors. Depending on the type of capital the new business is starting with, you can arrange anything from a few small taxis, or large transit buses.

Cell Phones and Other Electronics

Singapore gets a lot of business through the ability to offer electronics at low prices. Its manufacturing sector accounts for almost 50 percent of all the industry’s output. So, yes it is a smarter decision to buy electronics like cell phones in Singapore, so more people do. So, if setting up an electronics business, you can already have the clientele, but need to come to terms with a manufacturer to become a third party seller.

Freelance Work

Beginning to freelance is as easy as talking to local shop owners in Singapore. You can even begin online to see the type of work most sought after. Writing is a popular freelancing opportunity, so if you can do so well, you could find yourself working in no-time. Once you have an idea of the scene, you can create your own platform for freelance writing, or even run a website where there are writers under you performing the work that you arrange.

Always remember if working in Singapore, a Singapore tourist visa might not be enough.

Take Advantage of All Of Singapore’s Opportunities

Every opportunity in Singapore for Visiting Indians will not turn out the same. Nothing is ever a 100% guarantee, but with the economic ratings and possibilities in Singapore you can’t get much closer. Coming to the city-state with a plan is helpful, but always take the time to see the scenery and taste the local culture.