SolarSEO: A Brand New, Affordable Web Design and SEO Agency for Small Businesses

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( — September 5, 2019) — SolarSEO is a digital marketing agency working for small businesses. The Newport agency offer services in web design and Search Engine Optimisation to increase website traffic.

Newport, UK – SolarSEO are a new digital marketing and web design agency in Newport. They offer their services to small businesses worldwide, utilising a marketing strategy that brings together web design and SEO tactics. Their services make use of SEO to increase traffic and customers to small businesses. This new company aims to be one of the most affordable, adjustable brands available in South Wales for any small business.

One of their endeavours to keep their services affordable involves a transparent and no-obligation pricing structure. The SEO agency recognise that many smaller businesses don’t always want marketing contracts. SolarSEO charges for their services on a month-to-month basis. The “pay-as-you-go” system allows for easier access to their services. Clients control when they want to work with the company, and they receive a free quote for the services they need.

The agency also offer free SEO analyses. These in-depth SEO audits help the company determine which tactics are suitable for a client’s website. Each report from this audit is individually curated for each client. Their small marketing team uses online tools for their analyses. Professionals on their team also provide bespoke recommendations with their own creative insights.

SolarSEO also offers local SEO services. This means crafting their search engine optimisation plan with a specific location in mind. Most consumers search online for businesses in their area. An estimated 88% of these people are likely to call a local business after their search. This means that becoming a top search result is important for local small businesses. The company offers a free 30-minute strategy session for any of their SEO services.

The company also uses organic SEO methods to help small businesses. Unlike local SEO, these methods are tailored to a wider audience. The focus with these methods is to reach the top results on search engines results pages. The agency design websites with high-quality content, and accessible and flexible features to strengthen a business’s online presence.

Since their recent inception, SolarSEO have dedicated themselves to being an efficient and affordable digital marketing brand for small businesses. They curate every website design with their small team of marketing professionals. Their unique approach to their craft is a testament to the company’s ability to innovate while remaining an affordable option to many businesses all around the world.