Autumn Pool Area Maintenance – Pool Care Tips

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( — September 5, 2019) — Autumn is here, the sunny weather is already waving goodbye, cooler nights are now rocking us, and the leaves are falling like never before. It is common for people to cover the pool after swimming in the warm sunny summer, only to come back after the winter period is over. What most people don’t realize is the threat that this poses. Leaves left in the pool for months decompose; the water becomes slimy, disgusting, and unbearable. The motivation to clean the pool during the fall is minimal, but the risks are high. Autumn pool area maintenance ensures such scenarios don’t occur.

Autumn Pool Area Maintenance

There are several methods you can use to clean your pool during this season. Besides, the weather isn’t that bad during the fall, and you may need to use the pool once in a while. Therefore, it is necessary to know the proper tips and guidelines for cleaning your pool during this period. We shall look at some fast and effortless ways to clean during autumn, and the equipment that shall come in handy. These methods will help you save a significant sum of money in the long run.

Cleaning the pool

Just removing debris and falling leaves will not do the trick because of the risk of mold and algae. It is essential to clean the whole pool without missing any spots. Use skimmers to get the leaves and debris. Drain the water and vacuum the floor and walls of the pool. Be on the lookout for oil deposits that may come from products like hair oil and so forth. You may way to invest in an automatic pool cover to prevent having to constantly clean debris from the pool. 


The filter keeps the swimming pool clean at all times. Look out for grease deposits, hair, or leaves that may lead to a clog. If left unattended, the clog may be hard to remove later on and ruin the filter. A clean filter works at optimal levels to keep your pool clean.

pH levels

Using a 3-in-1 kit, check the pH levels of the pool. If there is an imbalance, use chemicals to initiate a return to equilibrium. This ensures that the water is safe to use. The pH levels should range from 7.2 and 7.6. The chlorine levels should stay between 1 and 3 parts per million(ppm). With that composition, water will not harm pets, humans or any aquatic life.

Cleaning during the fall is never a pleasant experience, but is essential nonetheless. The autumn pool area maintenance guidelines mentioned above should help you sail smoothly through this process. Just stick to a consistent routine, and everything will fall in place. A clean pool offers a myriad of health benefits to the users. It also guarantees the longevity of your pool and sees to it that you stay motivated to take a dip from time to time. Avoid using any strong cleaning agents in there as they could irritate the skin, cause corrosion and pose a danger to the environment. It is always advisable to call in the professionals for any advanced pool maintenance work.