How to Maintain Your Good Health at 100%

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( — September 6, 2019) — One of the most important things in a life of human beings is health, this is the reason why health insurance tops the list of the things that a person insures; you can learn more about insurance plans and Medicare supplement plans 2020 from our other articles to understand better. This is a very important factor that everyone should consider when getting involved in anything because health is one of the determining factors for productivity. There are quite a number of factors that are considered to make sure that one stays healthy, some of them include;

  • Healthy food

The kind of food you eat determines the kind of health you will have. This is the reason why you should closely monitor the kind of food you eat to maintain your health, always make sure that you are eating food which is healthy and with a balanced diet. Choose foods that are healthy and will protect your body against any kind of diseases.

  • Regular exercise

This is a big player as far as health is concerned. Regular exercises are good for your metabolism; they increase your metabolic rate hence making you healthier. Exercises also help in burning calories in your body which helps in maintaining the weight of your body and as a result you will help you treat diseases like high blood pressure, depression among others.

  • Limit alcohol intake  and tobacco smoking

One of the things that will always work against your health is a lot of alcohol, if you cannot avoid it, then it is better that you limit the intake. Taking alcohol in excess has a very big effect to the liver of a person hence causing great effect on the health of the entire body. Tobacco smoking on the other hand is one of the most dangerous habits to the health of the body; it has a great effect to the lung, the throat and the mouth. Too much smoking of tobacco can lead to lung cancer, throat cancer and mouth cancer not forgetting heart diseases among many others. It is then advisable that you quit smoking for you to have a healthy life.

  • Regular safe sex

Health is not only about the physical aspects, emotional health is also very important and it contributes a lot to the physical well being. When it comes to emotional health, regular sex is one of the most important activities to engage in, it deals with the diseases that result from emotions like depression, anxiety among others. However, you should make sure that the sexual activities your engage in are safe, you can ensure this by using protection every time you are having sex like condoms, this helps to reduce the rate of contraction of the sexually transmitted diseases from one person to another.  Also make sure that both you and your partner get tested in a hospital to confirm your status about HIV/AIDS and also the sexually transmitted diseases to make sure that you are safe before engaging in sexual activities.