Amateur DIY Woodworking Project Tutorials Guide Craft Design Program Launched

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( — September 8, 2019) — A new woodworking program has been launched, called Ted’s Woodworking. It offers DIYers 16,000 templates and guides for building a range of projects, from tables and chairs through to larger designs like sheds.

A new program has been launched teaching aspiring woodworkers and amateur DIY craftsmen how to create a wide range of everyday objects. Ted’s Woodworking features the largest collection of woodworking projects available online, with over 16,000 plans to learn and master.

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The new program is run by Ted McGrath, and it helps aspiring DIY practitioners to learn how to build anything out of wood easily. The program is accessible to all, because there is no need for customers to have a large workshop or expensive tools.

By signing up to the new program, customers get access to the world’s largest collection of woodworking plans for every type of project. Whether the customer wants to create their own shed for their yard, or a table for inside the home, the program can show them how.

A list of projects provided can be found on the program website, and includes barn plans, boat plans, coat racks, cabinets, and bed plans. Customers can also learn how to design their own chests, cellar projects, chairs, coffee tables, dolls houses and more.

Woodworking has always been a popular hobby and craft, and in recent years it has seen a revival thanks in part to the mental health benefits associated with outdoor projects. Woodworking is a way for people to reduce stress, focus, and improve mental clarity.

The newly launched program makes the process of woodworking more accessible for all, because it goes through each project step by step. No experience is required, so anyone can learn how to complete their ideal project using Ted’s Woodworking.

Many people avoid woodworking because they feel as though they don’t have the skills or experience needed for the projects they want to do. It’s this issue that the new program aims to combat with its accessible guides and templates.

The new program launch features thousands of plans, from more simple designs through to larger projects. But all of these plans are designed to be approachable by DIYers of all skill levels.

Each guide provided in the program offers step by step guidance covering the different stages of each design. For anyone with questions at any stage of the process, a full customer support system is in place to answer any questions.

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