Jackson Southern Gospel Radio Local and Eastern Kentucky News Section Released

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(Newswire.net — September 12, 2019) — Jackson, KY — Jackson, KY gospel radio network Mountain Gospel announced its local & Eastern Kentucky news community section. The ministry featured several special interest stories and keeps Christians informed of local, regional, and national news from a Christian perspective.

Jackson, KY gospel radio network Mountain Gospel featured a new section covering local & Eastern Kentucky news. The section features local, state, and national events from a Christian perspective.

More information about Mountain Gospel is available at https://www.mountaingospel.org

The Eastern Kentucky Christian radio ministry’s news section features short articles and news highlights informing website visitors about current events. The latest article highlights the Federal government’s $9 million grant to fund Kentucky’s fight against opioid addiction.

The gospel ministry network operates two licensed radio stations in Kentucky—WMTC on frequency 99.9 FM from Vancleve, KY and WBFC Stanton on frequency 1470 AM. The stations are accessible on the ministry’s website.

Visitors may access the Kentucky Christian news section at https://www.mountaingospel.org/news

The news section is supported by a community calendar that lists all major community events across Eastern KY, radio programming, and ministry events such as youth camps, mission service activities, and gospel music concerts, and days of prayer.

Past featured news events include Vice-Presidential visits to Kentucky, war veterans events, safety & community health programs, financial, education, political, and church outreach. The focus of the community news page is to connect Christians with their community and to encourage involvement in positive ways.

According to a spokesperson for the Kentucky gospel radio station ministry, “Keeping our community informed of the events that shape our world from a Christian perspective has always been a vital focus area at Mountain Gospel. We are delighted to be able to share community news through our calendar and a special section.”

Mountain Gospel Radio is the largest local southern gospel radio station in Eastern Kentucky with a rich Christian heritage of ministry, music, and service for more than 70 years. The faith ministry is supported by listeners and donors and delivers relevant, edifying, and Godly Christian programming to the local community.

More information is available by calling 606-666-5006 and by visiting the URL above.