Beginner Friendly Line Dance DVD Lessons Gina Piercy Home Learning Launched

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( — September 11, 2019) — A new line dancing DVD has been launched by Avon Valley Independent Line Dance School. It covers beginner lessons based on the Tenderfoot Revolution Class by Gina Piercy.

Avon Valley Independent Line Dance School have launched a new instructional DVD for anyone wanting to learn line dance. It is a country and western dancing DVD packed with lessons for those who are unable to get to a Tenderfoot Revolution Class.

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Customers can buy the new DVD series to learn how to line dance at home. The lessons are presented in an easy to follow way, making it a good option for beginners wanting to learn line dancing.

Introduction to Line Dancing was designed from the ground up for never-danced-before beginners looking to learn the popular dance style. The newly launched DVD is based on Tenderfoot Revolution classes, and covers techniques, terminology, one wall version and four wall version.

The new DVD is available both on the above-mentioned online store and on eBay. It is produced and choreographed by Gina Piercy, the line dancing teacher of Avon Valley Independent Line Dance School.

Gina Piercy is known for her commitment to helping people learn line dancing regardless of their skill level. At Avon Valley Independent Line Dance School, the aim is to teach a diversity of styles through a unique teaching method.

Gina specialises in slow paced classes for those who have never danced before. Courses are available for complete beginners through to intermediate and competition level dancers.

The new DVD launch covers the beginner aspect of these courses, and offers a good entry point for anyone wanting to learn line dancing. It allows people to learn from the comfort of their own home and build their skills with peace of mind.

Line dancing can be enjoyed by people of any age, and is a good form of exercise. It can lead to improved balanced, better confidence, and improved coordination.

Customers can learn how to line dance from home with the newly launched DVD, and from there can progress to in-person classes if they want to.

Those wishing to find out more can visit the website on the link provided above.