AgeImmune Releases Natural Breakthrough Relief From Anxiety

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( — September 13, 2019) — New York, NY — AgeImmune believes in zero compromises when it comes to product quality. Their goal is to restore balance to the body’s metabolic and natural defense systems.

New York, USA – Dr. Aleksander Kanevsky and Natalie Weinberg, have always been dedicated to researching and developing the finest natural products at their company AgeImmune. Today, they are excited to announce the release of yet another beneficial supplement that is responsible for attaining more balance in our wellness lifestyle.

AgeImmune established its reputation in the healthcare industry through the service of Dr. Kanevsky and his unique approach to specific techniques with his patients. After years of treating individuals, Dr. Kavensky began to notice a pattern in vitamin deficiencies in his patients. Vitamin D, B6, B12, and Magnesium were noticeably lower in patients who suffered from tension and muscle pain.

This lead to the research and development of their first product which supported the neurological and musculoskeletal systems. Over the years, AgeImmune has created the advancement in supplements which consist of unique formulas that support inflammation, balance the liver, and allow the body to do amazing things like support cardiovascular health.

AgeImmune currently offers a variety of natural supplements that support a healthy way of life including Turmeric, Brilliant B Plus, Brilliant C Plus, JuvDefense Plus, and more. These products boast of all-natural ingredients that do not include yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, sugar, starch, artificial coloring, preservatives, or any GMO’s. The all-natural approach of AgeImmune in their products offered results in an established, nutritional, and healthy way of life for their customers.

All of the products developed at AgeImmune are manufactured in FDA registered and GMP approved laboratories that always hold to strict guidelines and standards to continue the safety of their products.

Now, AgeImmune is proud to announce even more options for health and wellness enthusiasts. The team at AgeImmune will now be offering a brand new product called Anxiety Relief, another all-natural supplement that has been said to improve cognitive function and increase mental performance. Anxiety Relief promotes the balance of the mind through its major ingredients L-theanine and 5-HTP. L-Theanione is an amino acid that has been known to create a calming effect, while 5-HTP, a chemical compound extracted from an African plant Griffonia promotes serotonin in your body. When coupled with other ingredients such as vitamin B complex and magnesium, this has quickly become a favorite from the team at AgeImmune, and one of the many reasons their doctors are so excited to release the product Anxiety Relief to their customers.

Dr. Kanevsky and partner Natalie Weinberg have always dedicated themselves to groundbreaking discoveries and research with our health and wellness supplements we consume. AgeImmune offers a community of wellness-minded individuals and owners who all want the same thing, a better, healthier life. This goal is what drives the team at AgeImmune to continue to offer top quality all-natural supplements that help their customers discover a more balanced life.

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