New Studies Show Activated Charcoal Fights Fish Odor Syndrome

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( — September 19, 2019) Orlando, FL — It has long been known that fish odor syndrome is a genetic disease, and it’s popularized by the offensive odor it produces.

According to experts, it is caused by mutations in the FMO3 gene. It is worth mentioning that body odor can also occur due to an increase in bacteria that usually produce trimethylamine in the GI tract.

The intensity of odor can actually vary over time. It is important to understand that those with the condition often suffer in their social life, relationships, and even in their careers. There are even those who suffer from depression as well as social isolation.

Aside from gene mutations, this condition can also occur due to other contributing factors. There are those who suffer from it due to liver or kidney disease. Some researchers speculate stress and diet play a role in triggering the symptoms of this syndrome.

When it comes to dealing with unpleasant odors individuals with fish odor syndrome usually have, it is wise to consider the use of activated charcoal.

According to experts, fish odor syndrome is also called trimethylaminuria (TMAU). This genetic condition characterized by the accumulation of the compound called trimethylamine (TMA) in the body.

It is worth mentioning that such a compound has an odor that can be likened to a rotting fish.

Doctors say that in a body of a healthy individual, the fishy-smelling TMA is usually converted into a non-smelly compound before being excreted via urine. Individuals with TMAU often have inadequate levels of the enzyme required in performing this conversion.

Urine, sweat, and breath usually have a foul, fishy odor in those with this condition. Activated charcoal has been found to help eliminate or reduce such smell. Researchers say that it has a highly porous surface that can easily and effectively bind with TMA and other compounds. This adsorption process could work wonders in increasing the excretion of the smell.

There are actually many other benefits associated with the use of activated charcoal. This is why it may be best to consider its use, especially in those who want to detoxify their bodies.

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