B2B Data Driven Marketing Intelligence AI Sales Insight Service Launched

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A new B2B sales and marketing intelligence service has been launched by Prediction Marketing. It helps businesses to convert more leads and get alerted anytime a prospect is considering leaving for the competition.

Prediction Marketing has launched a new B2B sales and marketing intelligence service for businesses looking to increase conversion. It offers cutting edge artificial intelligence sales insight that provides deterministic data, providing insight into who is actively in market for a client’s products, or considering leaving for a competitor.

More information can be found at: https://predictionmarketing.ai

With the newly launched service, businesses in any niche can get notified when their prospects are actively in market. And if they are thinking about leaving for another business, clients can get notified of this too.

This presents them with the ultimate marketing leverage, because they can be well equipped for both scenarios. In this way, the new service can help businesses to become financially indestructible, with no more wasted ad spend or missed opportunities.

With Prediction Marketing, businesses can optimize every aspect of their B2B outbound marketing. The new service allows clients to target companies and sell to real people, and segment their marketing by task, and behavior journey.

One of the key benefits of the service is that clients get instant real time notifications every time someone in their existing database is back in market for their offer.

Notifications of prospects considering leaving for the completion also trigger real time notifications. This allows business owners to stabilize their growth and achieve more sales with a custom solution designed and implemented especially for them.

One to One, true personalize marketing and sales insight goes beyond the early stages of predictive marketing and individual customer records scoring models. True prediction requires machine learning and real time behavior tracking, and that is exactly what Prediction Marketing’s new B2B sales intelligence service creates.

Insight and outcomes are the next evolution of intelligence sales.

Prediction Marketing states: “The Business with the most strategically relevant data wins. Possessing the power of true one to one personalized data driven marketing is akin to wielding the power NEO of The Matrix possessed.”

It adds: “Our goal is to make you financially indestructible! Each client gets a personalized, customized marketing plan that utilizes a variety of Methods and Technologies. Our plan is always designed to get to your goals in the most efficient and effective manner.”

Full details of the newly launched marketing service can be found on the URL above.

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