Lexington KY Dog Training In Home Obedience Brain Stimulation Course Launched

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(Newswire.net — September 14, 2019) — Lexington, KY — Summary: Brain Training for Dogs, a new in-home dog training course based on brain stimulation, is now available to dog owners in Lexington, KY and other areas.

PetVetsOnline, a website specializing in pet care resources, announced the launch of their popular in-home training course Brain Training For Dogs now available in many locations throughout the United States. The program features a series of step-by-step techniques on how to eliminate bed behavior and create an intelligent, well-behaved pet by addressing the root cause of behavior issues.

More details can be found at https://petvetsonline.net/pages/private-puppy-dog-obedience-brain-training-classes-online.

The newly launched course has been developed by Adrienne Faricelli, a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer with more than a decade of experience. Adrienne’s work focuses on force-free, gentle methods to create a strong, emotionally positive bond between dog and owner. This creates the necessary emotional and cognitive background for optimal behavior training.

“Brain Training For Dogs” differs from most other courses in that it places the intelligence of the dog at its center. Rather than simply using domination techniques to manipulate the dog’s behavior, the course will teach dog owners to stimulate their dog’s intelligence. This is an important principle which eliminates a series of negative behaviors by itself.

Adrienne has developed the program on the well documented principle of neuroplasticity – the idea that the human (and canine) brain is always capable of learning and improving, with correct stimulation.

Dog owners will learn a series of important techniques that will stimulate their dog’s brain and improve their general intelligence, which in turns allows for easier, effortless training.

The course covers all dog behavior issues, including potty training, dealing with aggression, chewing, biting, excessive barking, ignoring the owner’s commands, and many more.

The program has already been implemented successfully by dog owners throughout the US.

A satisfied owner said “Since using Brain Training for Dogs my dogs are more excited to learn. They actively want to take part and figure out what they need to do! It’s not about commanding that they perform a behavior, it’s about getting them thinking. I really love this approach to dog training and my dogs do too!”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.