Montreal Personal Leadership Coach Toxic Workplace Office Culture Report Launch

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( — September 19, 2019) — Montreal, QBC — A new report focusing on toxic leadership, workplace and culture has been launched. The report details how to manage and escape toxic leadership and is helpful for anyone experiencing a toxic workplace.

A new report has been launched focusing on how to get out from under toxic leadership in the workplace. Lynda Hoffman, a personal leadership coach, goes into detail about what toxic leadership is, and how to use one’s personal agency to deal with a toxic culture at work.

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The newly launched report states that toxic leaders are masterful at making people feel helpless and small. While trying to prove their dominance, they use tactics such as threats, public shaming, confusion, misdirection and aggressive language in order to inflict feelings of powerlessness, fear and victimization.

In the report, Lynda Hoffman outlines three ways to successfully navigate the harmful effects of the abuse of power.

The first is to correctly identify the situation, and be clear about what one is up against. Knowing this makes it much easier to develop a workable solution.

The second is to reclaim one’s personal power. Toxic leaders thrive on diminishing their victims’ personal agency. By recognizing that one has the power to choose how to view a situation, as well as actively choose positive actions to take, one can step out of victimhood into resilience, and even greater career opportunities.

The third is to consider an exit strategy. While often there are very good reasons to stay, leaving can be seen as the healthier and more successful choice. Allowing oneself to visualize life outside the organization opens up all sorts of possibilities. Developing a timeline, financial plan and creative choices for the next career role is an act of deep self-care and courage.

The new report explains that it is important to acknowledge and work with the fear that toxic leaders inflict. By embracing the fear, connecting with oneself and others, and following the steps outlined above, one can make a stressful situation an opportunity for growth and expansion.

The report states: “The key to self-respect is knowing what matters to you and staying true to that. It is very easy to slip into survival mode and agree to do something that goes against your grain. But when you compromise your values, you compromise yourself.”

Deep self-care, resilience and courage are the hallmarks of truly surviving toxic leadership.

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