Experts Suggest Arthritis and Exercise Can Coexist Despite Pain

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( — September 24, 2019) Orlando, FL — Exercise is something that many people are trying hard to engage in on a regular basis. However for many people with arthritis, doing it could be difficult or nearly impossible. The good news is that there are actually measures arthritis sufferers can resort to in ensuring that they are able to live a physically active lifestyle.

Experts suggest that arthritis and exercise can coexist despite pain. Pain, stiffness, and physical limitations are the most common consequences of having this condition. While there is no cure yet, it can be managed. One of the pain management options is to simply engage in low-impact exercise regularly.

It is worth mentioning  there are many individuals with arthritis who become unable to function and live normally due to the condition. Pain triggers sufferers to live a sedentary lifestyle, and even succumb to depression. The thing about arthritis is that it can affect one’s ability to engage in leisure and occupational activities.

This is why it would be helpful to have a planned physical activity routine as it can help sufferers avoid being sedentary. Those with the condition are advised to start off slowly, such as engaging in few, low-intensity exercises. This could significantly help sufferers head their way to a safe and successful exercise program.

According to some experts, it is essential for individuals with arthritis to engage in physical activities on a regular basis. There have been some studies that found regular exercise could reduce pain, improve sleep, increase energy, and enhance one’s ability to function.

Some experts also suggest that having various exercise options and locations could keep sufferers from getting bored. This is especially important as arthritis sufferers are thought to have a high tendency to become restless and depressed as well as to withdraw from social settings. It would be wise to be motivated to go out and engage in low-impact exercises outdoors.

The American College of Rheumatology guidelines also suggests that exercise should take an important part of treatment for osteoarthritis affecting the knee and hip. It has been found that individuals who are physically active are happier, healthier, and have longer lifespan than those who are unfit and inactive. This is particularly true to people suffering from arthritis.

Unfortunately, arthritis is considered to be one of the most common reasons why people succumb to their physical limitations and give up recreational pursuits. Aside from the arthritis-related problems it causes, inactivity can also lead to various health risks, such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and Type II diabetes.

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