Scientists Now Suggest Magnesium Fights Inflammation-Linked Acne

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( — September 25, 2019) Orlando, FL — Experts continue to strongly warn against inflammation, which has been known to trigger an array of symptoms, diseases, and disorders.

According to researchers, some macrominerals like magnesium may have strong inflammation-fighting effects.

Some studies found that chronic inflammation has a great potential to wreak havoc on health. This is why it is highly recommended to regulate inflammation levels inside the body.

Scientists conducted a study, and it involved more than3000 post-menopausal women.

In this research, it was found that increased magnesium intake resulted in the decrease of three separate biomarkers for inflammation, namely TNF (tumor necrosis factor alpha), CRP (C-reactive protein), and IL6 (interleukin-6).

Former studies have long found that the precursor of vitamin C is magnesium. It has been discovered to be particularly helpful for vitamin C in its ability to express its antioxidant impacts on the skin.

It is further worth mentioning antioxidants are highly useful in the prevention of sebum peroxidation, which occurs when free radicals damage the sebum of the skin and reduce its oxygen content.

According to researchers, this produces a conducive environment for the survival and reproduction of the anaerobic bacteria, P. acnes.

This macromineral has been found to deactivate inflammation on the skin. This has led researchers to suggest it may be useful in warding off inflammation-related diseases and disorders.

It is hard to deny that many anti-acne products widely available in the market today are ineffective. There are those who simply mask the symptoms and do not have the ability to fight the root cause of the problem, which is inflammation.

Health experts say that the use of magnesium may be a healthy, effective way to reduce inflammation inside the body.

There are pharmaceutical drugs specifically formulated to fight inflammation. However, it is worth mentioning that these medications only work temporarily, and do not permanently get rid of inflammation.

Studies have supported claims about the strong inflammation-fighting potentials of magnesium.

It is important to remember this macromineral is involved in hundreds of enzymatic reactions inside a human body. It is a nutrient that is also being studied due to its remarkable medicinal values.

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