Comparium Review: Cross Browser Website Testing

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( — September 19, 2019) — These days, maintaining a business online, using a website, comes at a price. There are various costs which you need to incur to make sure your website is running well. Not only the cost, but testing the Quality of the website takes time. However, with the help of an automatic website testing, you can save money as well as time on your website. 

With a vast range of browsers used these days, it is sometimes difficult for the website runners to keep up. The clients use different browsers, their different versions and also use it on a different platform. Therefore, it is not easy to keep up with that. For that reason, it is always better for you to use the help of an automatic website testing. Therefore, you must try out Comparium, with which you can get access to everything you need, including web design, browser combination, operating system, etc. 

Key features of web page test

Comparium has a few key features which make the users test the app out. The users get every basic thing they need to test their website. Furthermore, you can also test your web page designs and web combinations easily on any operating system with this convenient web app. You can check your website’s layout within a few minutes with the help of Comparium. With Comparium’s services, you save your precious time and also, there is no need to manually test each combination as well. To test the website, all you have to do is to simply enter the web page test address and you will be able to see the results easily. 

  • Support for different web browsers and their versions

With Comparium’s first version, you can test the web on various browsers with various versions and on various operating systems, depending on your choice. It helps you visually see how your web works across multiple platforms. Some of the browsers supported include Google Chrome 73.0, 74.0, 75.0, Mozilla Firefox 67.0, 68.0, Safari 11.0, Internet Explorer 8.0, 11.0.

  •  Support for different web browsers

Another feature of Comparium is that it supports web testing on almost every single platform and operating systems, including multiple versions of a particular browser. It also supports cross-browser testing on Mac OS X Mojave, Windows 7, 10,High Sierra, and Linux. 

  • Offline report of website test results by email 

Another feature of Comparium is that you can check the results of your website by your email address. All you need to do on your end is to simply enter your email address and type the URL that you want to test. Every other thing will be done by Comparium. With that, you save your time and effort. The screenshots of your web testing results will be given to you on the email provided by you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

There are some frequently asked questions about Comparium which will help you faster. Those frequently asked questions are:


When will Comparium be released?


The first version of Comparium will be released by the end of the year. 


Do you have an API? 


In the first version, there is no API. However, in the future, the website plans on coming up with an API. 


What does it cost?


The users will get the first version absolutely free of cost. There are some features which might be premium, but no confirmation has been made yet. 


Can I become an affiliate or a partner? 


Yes, you can easily become a partner. All you have to do is to simply fill out the forms and the website will contact you to discuss the details.