Zip-Clip Distributorship Announced Gomac Cables Meath Ireland Cable Wire Systems

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( — September 21, 2019) — County Meath, IRE — Gomac Cables, a County Meath, Ireland industrial suspension system company is now the official distributor of Zip-Clip cable suspension systems. The suspension cable distributor in Ireland will offer products from the manufacturer’s catalogue of products for mechanical, electrical, HVAC, signage, and other applications.

County Meath, Ireland industrial suspension system company Gomac Cables announced its appointment as the official distributor of Zip-Clip cable suspension systems in the country. Gomac will supply a full range of UL-certified electrical, HVAC, seismic, and architectural products.

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The newly launched distributorship provides Zip-Clip steel cable suspension systems are fabricated from galvanized and stainless steel high-tensile stainless steel rope. These systems find application in ceiling-suspended and wall-suspended beams, conduits, signage, and ducting, and containment brackets.

Gomac Cables will supply builders, contractors, and businesses with HVAC cable suspension solutions. All HVAC solutions are compliant to DS144 requirements for sheet metal ductwork. HVAC products use a wire duct cradle to support spiral, rectangular, and oval ducts.

Zip-Clip products for mechanical applications include Luma-Lock and Y-IT suspension elements that allow dual connection points on suspended beams and panels. Gomac Cables supplies RIZE systems for long drop suspensions for signage.

The suspension cable system supplier in County Meath offers a free consultation to determine specific client needs. Gomac Cables has successfully sold and supplied Zip-Clip products to engineering firms, architects, and electrical contractors across Ireland. These cable and wire suspension systems are designed to provide optimum support, unparalleled strength, and optimize overall installation costs.

According to a spokesperson for the suspension cable distributor in Ireland, “We are delighted to partner with Zip-Clip as their Ireland distributor. A shared commitment to product and service excellence as a core philosophy is at the heart of our partnership and we look forward to supporting builders, contractors, and industries with these world-class products.”

Gomac Cable is a full-service cable suspension system supplier based in Drogheda, County Meath. The company offers customised cable solutions for timber, decking, concrete, metal beam, catenary, and purlin roof structures.

For more information about Zip-Clip cable suspension systems from Gomac Cable, call +353-1-910-4125 or visit the URL above.