Wedding Coordinator vs Planner – Which Will You Need?

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( — September 20, 2019) — Wedding Coordinator vs Planner: which is the real deal? Actually, people tend to think they’re the same thing, but surprise: they’re not! The wedding coordinator definition tends to overlap with that of a planner as, yes, they perform similar duties, but in different contexts. A wedding planner is your “wedding friend” and might become a wedding reception coordinator if they accept to follow the day of wedding coordinator duties list, whereas the wedding planner just handles the hard work if the couple knows how to coordinate a wedding by themselves. 

Wedding Coordinator vs Planner

This article will teach you the difference between the two and, hopefully, help you pick the best option for your special day.

Who’s the Wedding Planner?

The Wedding planner has only one job: to ensure that your wedding goes the exact way you want. They’re basically your “best friend” on hire: once you give them the details of your ceremony, they will help you pick out everything necessary for your special day. They will also take over if you’re too busy and can’t handle the work on your own, so they’re worth it if you’re looking for experts who can provide you with proper guidelines on organizing your fairytale wedding.

Who’s the Wedding Coordinator?

You could also consider them a “best friend” (after all, some planners might become coordinators), but let’s be honest: they’re Godsent gifts.

Wedding coordinators are the people working behind the curtain, making your dreams come true. Unlike wedding planners, who help with the planning, wedding coordinators will take what YOU have research and decided and do the hard work for you. Basically, these are the people you meet months or weeks before your wedding in order to put the things together in your ceremony. They offer various services to make sure everything’s in order in the big day and leave the magic and wonder solely to you.

Which is the Best for Me?

Keep in mind the following considerations.

  1. Budget. Because wedding planners might be with you literally at all times, they might be pricier. That’s why coordinators are most affordable if you’re willing to entrust them all your hard work on the wedding day.

  2. Time. If you’re willing to spend most of your time planning the wedding yourself, a coordinator is obviously your best choice. However, if you can only afford, let’s say, 3-5 hours a week, it’s better to leave it to the planner.

  3. Conflicting opinions. Everybody, from family to friends, wants to make your wedding a special day, but they all have a personal idea of what’s special, and conflicts might arise because of this. If you can’t deal with it, it’s better to leave the job to a planner who’ll deflect all the opinions and shield you from unwanted suggestions.

  4. Vision. Most couples have the vision of their wedding, but don’t know how to bring their dreams to life. That’s why it’s better to hire a coordinator to perform the things you can’t do on your own.

Finally, let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

What does a wedding coordinator do the day of the wedding?

The couple simply provide to the coordinator the names and contacts of the services you desire for your day and they will do the job in the day of the wedding. They will handle the logistics of the wedding day, like the wedding music, setting up the chairs, ensuring the food stations are set, etc. They’re basically the hands and colors that bring your dreams to life on paper.

Should I get a day of wedding coordinator?

If you want there to be an expert to handle the logistics and hard work instead of you, then yes. This is what we actually recommend to couples so they can fully enjoy their special day together.

What makes a good wedding planner?

You’ll know you got the good planner if they bring you comfort instead of insecurities. You’ll be able to share your ideas and thoughts without feeling judged. Even if they’re not the best ideas you can think of, a good planner guides you in a positive way, without making you feel bad at all.

Alright, so wedding coordinator vs planner… Who wins the battle? Well, it’s up to you! Now that you know the actual wedding coordinator definition and what sets them apart from planners, it’s up to you to decide if you can the day of wedding coordinator duties list by yourself, or if you’d rather leave it all to a wedding planner or wedding reception coordinator if you honestly don’t know how to coordinate a wedding on your own. Even if you knew, though, we totally recommend you to pick the latter as a safety measure and to not overwhelm yourself with the ceremony details. After all, it’s your special day, and you must enjoy it entirely.