Lowell Cafe Makes History in Los Angeles

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(Newswire.net — September 23, 2019) — Lowell Cafe – a Los Angeles cannabis restaurant located in West Hollywood – is making history. As the first legal cannabis restaurant in America, Lowell Cafe features tables nestled under lush green foliage, a choice of indoor or outdoor rooftop seating that allows you to freely took up, and delicious, innovative food by chef Andrea Drummer, a pioneer in the culinary and cannabis worlds. All of the cannabis offered at Lowell Cafe is completely organic and was grown at Lowell Farms, a premier marijuana farm that also operates the cafe. 

The Los Angeles cannabis scene will gain a lot of attention and traction through Lowell Cafe, as it blends cafe, lounge, and marijuana dispensary in a completely new way. Due to California’s laws regulating cannabis businesses, edibles and other types of marijuana-infused foods are prohibited (although edibles can be purchased in the dispensary area to be consumed off-site). However, you can order food and drinks that will compliment your smoking or vaping, such as a dessert platter with delicacies like caramel popcorn with Thai chili almonds, a fried chicken sandwich with tomatoes, freshly made pickles, and kale and Brussels sprout slaw, or a mocktail made from quality botanical ingredients. Staying true to Lowell Farm’s all-natural growing practices, every ingredient in the cafe has been locally sourced from organic farms.

Pairing food with different strains of cannabis can be compared to pairing food with different varieties of wine, in addition to simply delighting the senses of taste and smell that are already heightened from cannabis consumption. Even though cannabis-infused food won’t be available, you won’t be disappointed by what the cafe has to offer. Lowell Cafe promises to blend the experiences of cannabis and food consumption to deliver a new-level experience to Los Angeles cannabis enthusiasts by exciting all the senses.

Cannabis to smoke can be purchased on-site, and “flower hosts”, similar to sommeliers, are available at your table to guide you through the extensive menu and even roll your selection. They’ll make sure you have a great experience if you’re a newbie, or suggest the Dab Bar if you’re a practiced smoker who would like a more intense experience. You can also purchase products made by Lowell Farms and other similar high-quality cannabis growers, such as vapes, edibles, buds, and concentrates, at the on-site dispensary area.

The cafe features a beautiful rooftop patio and cozy indoor space with skylights, both lush with verdant greenery and hanging baskets of plants. Events will be hosted nightly, including Sunday Brunch with a string quartet cover band, comedy shows, musical performances, and educational panels covering a variety of subjects. Not a smoker, but you like Lowell Cafe’s vibe? You are still welcome to visit just to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and incredible food and will experience no pressure to partake.

Can’t wait for the cafe’s opening date on October 1st, or just live too far away? Los Angeles cannabis users can purchase Lowell Farms products locally, but anyone can experience what Lowell has to offer through their online store. They provide high-quality, pesticide-free marijuana products such as a pack of CBD Smokes, cold-pressed THC oil, or branded gear such as grinders, rolling papers, or a hand-stitched jacket.