How to Roof a House Step by Step – What to Know

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( — September 23, 2019) — Even just the thought of roofing a house can seem overwhelming. However, with some dedication and a few handy tools, you can perform a roof installation on your own. The trick is to pay attention to detail and make sure you have the necessary materials and equipment. This article will go over how to roof a house step by step and how you can do so yourself.

How to Roof a House Step by Step

This article explains a few effective steps on roofing a house. The article breaks down the roofing process into simple steps and also includes everything from the tools needed and the safety requirements and tips you need to take.

Tools You’ll Need

Here are some of the tools you’ll need to for the installation:

  • Roofing hatchet
  • Pry bars
  • Roofing shovel
  • Tin snips
  • Chalk line
  • Framing square
  • Power nailer
  • Roof adhesive
  • Saws
  • Hammer tacker

Identify Local Building Codes and Obtain Permits

This is to prevent any incidents such as uprooted roofing materials caused by harsh weather and to ensure aesthetic continuity in the community. To avoid any costly penalties, obtain any building permits and check the local building codes before starting the project.

Find the Roofing Material You Need

Take note of the roofing materials available in the market and identify one that works for your budget and your property. Each material such as shingles and tiles has unique requirements when it comes to installation. As such, gauge your roofing installation skill before starting the project to avoid a bad roofing job. Shingle style, roofing felt and metal roofs are easy for beginners to install.

Remove Your Old Roof 

You can skip this step if you’re constructing a new property and are about to install a roof for the first time. Using pry bars, remove the nails, fasteners or staples on your old roof. Place the removed waste into the roofing shovel. Old roofs with hardened or rusted fasteners and screws require you to loosen the material by hammering down a pry bar. 

Install Slash Roof Valleys and Drip Moldings

Drip moldings lead rainwater straight to your roof gutters. Take your chalk line and roofing nails. Then space each installation nail by 12 inches after aligning the drip molds. Use chalk to mark these spaces and begin nailing. Be sure to nail down the roof valley flashing in the same way.

Use Chalk to Make Nail Spacing

For metal roofs, synthetic roofs such as PVC, TPO and EPDM and roofing felt, you’ll need nails to fasten them to your roofs. In the same way you handled the drip mold, use chalk lines to mark the areas you need to nail and space them by six inches.

Spread your roofing material’s seams across the surface of the roof. Allow them to overlap half an inch to introduce insulation and create a watertight barrier.

Apply Roof Adhesive on Exposed Nails

Use the included application instrument to apply the adhesive evenly on areas with exposed nails. Roofing adhesive helps to create a watertight seal around exposed nails and also protects them from harsh weather conditions that may loosen or uproot them.

Bottom Line

Finally, let the roof dry before performing a thorough inspection. Check for any anomalies such as cracked adhesive, excess roofing seams, loose nails and other areas that need fixing for basic roofing maintenance. And that’s how to roof a house step by step. Thinking of roofing your house may seem overwhelming but the steps mentioned on how to roof a house step by step make the process a lot easier and lessen the chances of making any mistakes