Growing Body of Evidence Links Some Foods with Enhanced Brain Health

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( — October 1, 2019) Orlando, FL — More and more researchers are actually looking into the benefits of some foods when it comes to enhancing brain health and function.

According to researchers, there are certain types of foods found to be linked with better cognitive function, memory and alertness.

Some studies strongly recommend intake of vegetables, particularly the cruciferous ones like cabbage, broccoli, and dark leafy greens. These are found to contain abundant levels of brain-health-protecting properties.

It may also be extremely beneficial to consume more berries like blueberries, blackberries, and cherries. These foods options actually contain high levels of anthocyanins and some other flavonoids, which may boost memory function.

Scientists have long been stressing the roles that omega-3 fatty acids play for brain health. More particularly, omega-3s like docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA may aid in enhancing memory in healthy young adults.

Some of the best sources of omega-3s are sardines, herring, and salmon. Walnuts are also recommended as they can enhance cognitive function.

Nourishing the body with adequate amounts and the right types of nutrients can produce some remarkable benefits for the mind. It is best to take some preventive steps against diseases affecting the brain.

Experts have long been stressing the importance of nourishing the body with the right nutrients, which include vitamin B12.

Multiple research studies have long revealed that this nutrient could work wonders in improving and protecting brain health.

Scientists have found a deficiency in vitamin B12 is associated with memory loss, particularly in older adults. It is theorized that this vitamin plays a role in preventing brain atrophy, which is characterized by the loss of neurons in the brain.

It is also worth noting that brain atrophy is usually linked with memory loss or dementia.

Researchers carried out a study involving subjects with early-stage dementia. It has been found that the use of B12 and omega-3 fatty acids slowed mental decline. Some other studies have shown reduced levels of vitamin B12 contributed to poor memory performance.

In addition to its brain health benefits, it is worth realizing that this B vitamin has long been associated with a myriad of health benefits. It is highly recommended to consume this nutrient in increasing amounts, and this can be achieved by having the right diet.

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