New Orleans LA Kratom Vs CBD for Anxiety Health Benefits Report Launched

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( — September 25, 2019) — Kratom vs CBD launched a new report on Jack Harrington’s experience using kratom for the treatment of his chronic back pain, depression and anxiety.

Kratom Vs CBD, an informative website on natural health supplements, launched an extensive report on Jack Harrington’s experience with kratom for the treatment of chronic back pain, depression and anxiety. After being recommended kratom by a friend, Jack experienced reduced back pain and significant improvements in both depression and anxiety.

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The report aims to document Jack’s experience with kratom, and help readers decide whether or not kratom may be the natural remedy they need for their health issues.

Kratom products are based on the leaves of an evergreen tropical tree, Mitragyna speciosa. Millions of users worldwide have confirmed the efficiency of kratom powder or pills in conditions such as pain management, PTSD, depression, withdrawal symptoms, and many other health purposes.

Jack suffered from chronic back pain and episodes of depression and anxiety. After unsuccessful attempts to treat them using conventional health approaches, Jack was recommended kratom by a friend.

Unsure which specific kratom strains or veins to try, Jack ordered multiple samples, including strains such as Bali, Borneo, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Sumatra, Maeng Da, Jakarta, Malay, Jongkong, Hulu, Blue Label, and red, green, yellow (gold) and white veins.

According to Jack, his first kratom experience led to a series of important improvements in his physical and psychological health and wellbeing.

Jack explains: “The pain in my lower back subsided dramatically, my anxiety was completely gone. And I felt this weird emotion I hadn’t felt inside myself in very a long time…happy? I was energized, but relaxed, motivated, but calm – if that makes any sense? But for the first time in at least a decade, I felt free.”

For those looking for an efficient pain management and anxiety treatment alternative to CBD (Cannabidiol), Jack suggests that kratom may be an interesting choice.

By visiting Jack’s website, readers will also find practical tips on how to use kratom for various purposes, a discussion on the legal status of kratom, as well as recommendations on where to find the best authentic kratom.

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