New Study Highlights Magnesium’s Amazing Anti-Depression Potential

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( — October 2, 2019) Orlando, FL — Depression rates undeniably continue to increase in many areas around the globe. In addition to pharmaceutical drugs, more and more experts are actually eyeing on the use of some minerals.

Emily Tarleton from the University of Vermont spearheaded a study.In this research, it was found that the two-week use of magnesium led to some improvements in depression.

Particularly, 61 percent of the study subjects said they would use magnesium in the management of the brain disorder in the future.

Health authorities warn against the use of some antidepressants. Even the FDA has released warnings against the use of some antidepressants due to their side effects. This includes the increased risk of violence and suicidal thoughts.

Researchers have discovered that magnesium fights inflammation, this is one mechanism that it is able to fight inflammation.

It is worth mentioning inflammation has long been associated with depression. The findings of the study have led researchers to suggest that magnesium supplementation may be useful as a safe and less costly treatment for depressive symptoms.

Another separate study was conducted and investigators found that parents worrying about their child’s sleeping habits are more likely to suffer from depression.

It was performed by the researchers from the University of British Columbia.

They suggest that the study results demonstrate treatment of insomnia for children can also aid in providing parents a mental health boost.The scientists from the University of Vermont carried out a study. They found that 248 mg of daily magnesium supplementation has led to improvements in the symptoms of anxiety and depression. These improvements were observed after two weeks of supplementation.

Scientists also revealed that such improvements happen regardless of factors likeage, sex, and antidepressant use of the participants.

This amazing study was published in the PLOS ONE journal.

More studies are still underway to validate the antidepressant benefits of magnesium. However, it is hard to deny that its use is not just widespread but also highly recommended by experts.

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