Moisturizer Hand Sanitizer Inflammatory Skin Disorder Skincare Product Launched

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( — September 26, 2019) — A new nourishing skin care and sanitization product has been launched, called Coresatin® Allantoin hand cream. It can be used by adults, kids and babies, and eliminates 99% of the germs caused by inflammatory skin disorders.

A new skincare product has been launched, called Coresatin® Allantoin, a high-quality cream for dry skin. The antiseptic moisturizing cream lotion for body and facial skin care is effective for treating Psoriasis, Lichen Planus and other serious skin diseases.

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The new product exhibits a biocidal activity of 99.99% against common germs, while providing moisture for skin integrity. The hand sanitizing cream helps to protect against infections and contaminations.

One of the key benefits of the product is that dermatological tests have confirmed excellent skin compatibility. The non-greasy and non-sticky formula is quickly absorbed by the skin, meaning there is no water or rinsing required adding to its practical uses.

Coresatin® Allantoin is both kind to the skin and provides a protective barrier to moisturize the skin while sanitizing gently. This means it can be used as a barrier and a skin sanitizer, while also helping to provide protection against secondary infections.

There are a number of instances where ensuring gentle sanitization of the skin can be beneficial. For example, those who suffer from Dermatitis or Psoriasis, eczema, and sun burn. The cream can also help with baby skin rash, diaper rash, acne, and allergic reactions.

Coresatin® states: “Our Coresatin® Allantoin Hand/Skin Sanitizing Cream provides instant and lasting relief from dry, cracked, flaky, irritated and itchy skin. Its unique formulation naturally eliminates 99.99% of the germs caused by inflammatory skin disorders making it a therapeutic moisturizer and sanitizing cream for eczema, dermatitis, lichen planus, paronychia, and psoriasis.

The newly launched gentle and nourishing skin repair treatment is designed to be suitable for adults, kids and babies, and is safe to use on the body, face, hands, feet and scalp.

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