Recent Stress Statistics Now Alarms More and More Health Experts

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( — October 4, 2019) Orlando, FL — New stress statistics around the world continue to alarm health authorities.

According to the World Health Organization, stress has turned into a worldwide epidemic. In the United States in 2015, it has been found there was a slight increase in the reported overall stress levels in adults than in 2014.

Further, it is worth mentioning that stress has been found to produce a negative impact on physical and mental health.

There are measures scientists discovered to be extremely beneficial in reducing levels of stress. These include avoiding intake of alcohol and caffeine as well as avoiding nicotine. It is worth realizing that when consumed in large quantities, alcohol is a depressant.

It is best to keep the body hydrated by consuming more water and teas.

It is similarly important to engage in physical activities, which multiple studies have shown to work wonders in producing a range of health benefits. Exercise works in metabolizing the excessive stress hormones.

It also aids in restoring the balance inside the body and promoting calmness as well as relaxation.

Getting adequate sleep is vital in fighting stress. It is wise to maintain accurate or similar sleeping bedtime routines.

In managing stress levels, experts strongly recommend increasing intake of B vitamins. It is worth mentioning that these nutrients are considered to be vital co-factors for specific enzymes involved in the production of adrenal hormones.

According to experts, these hormones work in regulating a number of processes in your body. They also aid in the body’s ability to adapt to stress and cope with anxiety. It is worth noting that the response of the adrenal to stress can accelerate the metabolism of the cells.

This then results in deficiencies and this is not at all good as, according to research, chronic stress has the ability to deplete vitamin B6. It is wise to increase intake of B vitamins to facilitate the right stress response.

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