Hot Melt Coating Equipment Line Provides Benefits Over Traditional Coating Machines

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( — September 27, 2019) Windham, Maine — Elite Cameron Inc./ TS Converting Ltd, with an operation in the USA and headquartered in the UK, has recently seen a surge in interest for their hot melt coating equipment. They are well known in the converting industry for their high-quality and long-lasting equipment, including slitter rewinders, laminators, core cutters, and, more recently, hot melt coaters. There are three main types of coating machine each described by the type of adhesive use; a water-based adhesive coater, a solvent-based adhesive coater, and a hot melt adhesive coater.

In a coater that uses a solvent-based adhesive, the solvent, which acts as a carrier, must be evaporated using a long drying tunnel. This solvent is then either reclaimed or incinerated, as it can cause environmental issues.

For water-based coaters, a similar drying tunnel is used, however, the water does not present the same environmental issues as its solvent counterpart.

With a hot melt coater, all of the adhesive that is melted is applied to the substrate and does not require additional drying. Because of this the hot melt adhesive are sometime referred to 100% Solids. Without the need for drying tunnels, solvent mitigation systems or special environmental permits, hot melt coaters are a fraction of the size, and overall cost.

The use of hot melt in the industry has been continued to grow as a viable alternative to conventional solvent or water-based systems. Designed to the highest industry standards for quality and performance, Elite Cameron Hot Melt Coaters are simple to operate, highly customizable, and represent a “best-total-value” for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the packaging industry.

Elite Cameron promotes the three main benefits to Hot Melt Coating when compared to conventional coating methods.

1) ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY– Hot melt coating is considered a 100% solids coating method, meaning it does not use solvents to carry the adhesive to the substrate. The solvents, which can be harmful to the environment, need to be reclaimed or burned to avoid harmful pollution.

2) COMPACT – Since hot melt coating machines do not require large drying tunnels or mitigation systems, the machine footprints are much small than conventional water or solvent-based coaters.

3) COST – Since the machines are smaller and don’t require large dryers or expensive mitigation systems, the machine costs are a fraction of conventional water or solvent-based coaters.

Elite Cameron Inc. / TS Converting Ltd is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of customized Hot Melt Coaters. They offer coating machines which are fully featured, efficient, and affordable.

To learn more about their full range of hot melt coating equipment, visit or contact their sales and engineering teams in the USA or UK offices at: US: +1 207 894 7016 and UK: +44 1823 283411.

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The Elite Cameron brand has been established for over 100 years, with manufacturing facilities in the UK & USA, we have in excess of 12,000 machine installations Worldwide! Elite Cameron Inc., manufactures slitting, rewinding, coating and laminating machines which are incredibly versatile and capable of processing a broad range of materials such as delicate non-wovens, flexible packaging, self-adhesive tapes, laminates, papers, foils, rubber, and plastics. We offer a complete line of slitter rewinders including turret rewinders, surface winders, duplex slitters, center winders along with other converting equipment such as hot melt coaters, core cutters, laminators and specialty converting equipment. Our machines are available worldwide. For more information contact our sales & engineering teams in the UK or USA offices. Our Ancillary range includes Manual and Automatic Core Cutters, Automatic Knife Systems, Laser Core and Knife Positioning Systems and our Patented Differential Rewind shafts all of which are available for retro-fit on to other makes of equipment. We have an experienced team of engineers with a wealth of application knowledge who adopt a fresh approach with new and unique concepts to solve your web processing problems.

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