Supply Justice Looking for Criminal Justice Non-Profits to Recognize and Fund

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( — October 1, 2019) — Supply Justice exists to increase the probability of justice. The way we do that is to recognize and fund criminal justice non-profits. We are asking for the community to recommend non-profits that serve the criminal justice system.

Supply Justice is a 501c3 that exists to recognize and fund criminal justice non-profits. We want recommendations from anyone that is interested in supporting the US criminal justice system. Becoming an approved non-profit is simple and includes being an IRS approved non-profit in good standing with primarily a criminal justice oriented mission and collaborate with us. We want to work together to inform, educate and motivate businesses, the community and legal professionals to work together.

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Just launched, the Supply Justice network offers high quality, and competitively priced products from like-minded business owners so that they can donate 100 percent of the net profit to approved criminal justice non-profit organizations. With a store on their site and Amazon, Supply Justice is now in search of U.S criminal justice non-profit organizations to join their approved non-profits so that these organizations can receive much-needed funding to pursue and grow their mission.

By increasing the list of their approved U.S justice reform non-profit organizations, Supply Justice aims to give network supporters a choice of which non-profit organization their purchase supports. Also, Supply Justice looks to help more U.S justice reform organization raise much-needed funds to continue their work so that their efforts are concentrated on making a difference.

The Supply Justice store stocks binders and notebooks, paper clips and office accessories, bracelets, briefcases and backpacks, calendars, court exhibit stickers, journals, labels, paper and markers, as well as phone accessories and power strips. Merchandise is available at and site supporters can also recommend a criminal justice non-profit by visiting

Supply Justice is a not-for-profit organization that promotes honesty, transparency, collaboration and impact. As such, the group strive to support U.S criminal justice reform of any kind. There are nearly 1200 criminal justice non-profits in the US.

A representative for Supply Justice said, “The Supply Justice store stocks what the community wants, and Supply Justice aim to give the purchaser of the merchandise the option to choose which approved criminal justice non-profit they want to support. At the moment Supply Justice have After Innocence, Healing Justice, Whole Soul and the North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence on the list of approved non-profits. But Supply Justice are in search of more. There is no better time.”

To find out more about Supply Justice and becoming one of their approved U.S justice reform non-profit organizations, call 919 533 4100 or visit the link above. Site visitors can also learn more about Supply Justice, their approach to fundraising and the merchandise that they stock, which supports the initiatives of U.S justice reform non-profit organizations.