Bowie SMS Marketing Facebook Messenger Coupon Offers Service Launched

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( — October 7, 2019) — Bowie, MD — Slim Media and Marketing in Bowie, Maryland, has launched a new digital marketing service for engaging customers. It utilizes email, Facebook Messenger and text messages to offer product information, coupons and more.

Slim Media and Marketing has launched a new digital marketing service for increasing customer engagement to generate more revenue through multiple touch points. These include utilizing email, Facebook Messenger, and SMS or text messaging to engage prospects in new ways.

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The site explains that Bowie clients will be able to improve their brand awareness through the development of key marketing strategies. Using Messenger, email, and text messaging, they will be able to offer coupons, new product information, and exclusive VIP benefits.

These can combine to increase customer trust and loyalty, leading them to make more sales. It also ensures that the are more likely to become repeat buyers in the future.

Slim Media and Marketing is a full service marketing agency that works with clients to grow their business, get more leads, and make more sales.

From single small point retailers looking to get more local customers, to larger companies selling thousands of products, the team at Slim Media and Marketing is able to help.

In addition to the above-mentioned customer engagement strategies, Slim Media and Marketing offers a wide selection of other services.

These include generating customer loyalty programs, proximity marketing using Bluetooth beacons to offer new deals, reputation management, and SEO services for improved Google ranking.

This means that whether Bowie clients want to increase sales or improve their Google ranking, they can get in touch with Slim Media and Marketing for expert and results-backed solutions.

The company states: “We employ various methods to connect your online to your offline business. Connect your website to Facebook , FB to Text message, Check Ins, FB Messenger and loyalty programs.”

It’s easy for any client to get in touch and start achieving their digital marketing goals. They just have to fill in the form provided on site, and Slim Media and Marketing will get back to them.

Full details can be found on the URL above.