How to Brush Carpet – Cleaning Carpet Like a Pro

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( — October 1, 2019) — Carpets are a great addition to your house. There are many homeowners who love their carpets and always clean it regularly. In order to remove debris and buildup, you can use a carpet brush. So, do you know how to brush carpet? Make sure that the brush has sturdy bristles and the application will be gentle.

How to Brush Carpet

If you have no idea about how to clean the carpet with the brush, then you are the right place. We will not only discuss about the types of carpet brushes but we will also discuss about how you can clean your carpet with it.

Types of Carpet Brushes

Here are the best types of carpet brushes:

  1. Rug Brushes: This is an old-fashioned brush that can help homeowners to clean the stubborn dusts and grimes from the carpet.

  2. Carpet Sweepers: This is another type of brush which can easily trap the dirt from the carpet. But you have to use this as routine cleaning.

  3. Lint Rollers: As the name suggests, lint rollers have to be rolled on the carpet to pick up the dirt and dust from it. 

  4. Rotary Brushes: The Rotary cleaners have nylon brushes. These are circular in nature and come with several layers for lifting the grime off the carpet.

How to Use the Brush on Carpet?

Brushing off the carpets is one of the best ways to clean the carpet. This will make vacuuming easier too. Here are some of the steps that you have to follow to brush the carpet properly:

  1. First you have to vacuum the carpet for lifting up the loose dirt off the carpet.

  2. Now you have to use the dish washing liquid and water. Mix them in correct amount.

  3. Now you have to dip the brush into the cleaning solution and then clean a small area of the carpet. You have to vacuum the excess water.

  4. Once an area is done, you have to move to the next area of your carpet. Then use the same method for brushing and cleaning the carpet. 


There are many benefits of brushing your carpet. It helps in removing stains without lifting the carpet color, and it can go pretty well with the vacuum systems. It is also a very inexpensive way to maintain and clean the carpet. This needs a little moisture. Also, you can clean the areas of the carpet that are hard to reach. So, brushing can be highly beneficial for your carpet.

To Summarize

Now, you know about how to brush carpet. You can follow these steps and make sure that you are brushing and cleaning your carpet perfectly. This will lift every bit of dust and debris from the carpet making it completely clean and clear. It is extremely effective on stubborn stains and debris too. So, make sure to brush your carpet every now and then.