Fundraising Ideas for Prom – Tips to Raise Money

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( — October 1, 2019) — Who doesn’t want their prom to be colorful and the talk of the town? It is your time to celebrate, and nothing should hold you back. However, you would want to make some money for the event, right? It is time you get to know some fundraising ideas for prom.

Fundraising Ideas For Prom

It is important to have fundraising strategies in order to be successful. Your timing is essential, as you will learn about easy ideas to make good cash for your prom from this post. Included are simple hacks that will make you big money. Read on and choose what works for you. 

Offer car washing services

You have a great idea here that will work best during fall and spring. Ask your school or business space to make it your washing stand. Put posters and have your friends flagging down cars for a wash. It will be easy money.

Hire a photographer

You should have a few friends who are interested in photography. If not, check on Facebook and other social media for an affordable photographer. Have the photographer take portraits of families, students, teachers, and anyone else willing. Charge a considerable fee for each photo. When you get the final figure, pay the photographer and pocket the rest.

Sell ice cream

It is time of the year when everyone wants sweet things. Ice cream is a favorite for most people. Stock a variety of ice cream flavors. Have people queue for a serve of their favorite flavor. As they feed their sweet tooth, you will be smiling to the bank. 

Auction parking space

There are many unusual fundraising ideas that you can hold. However, if your school has a lot of parking area, you can seek permission to sell parking spaces to visitors. Get permission first. As visitors come in, sell the spaces according to where they are. For the lots near the entrance, you should charge more. If they want, let space owners paint them in their name. 

Organize a board game contest

Pick one of the halls and make it a venue for board games. Get as many players as possible. For each player, charge a small entry fee. When the tournament is over, you can give the winners a portion of the money and keep the rest. 

Do a cook and sale event

Gather the best cooks among your friends. Have them cook and bake foods like cakes, cookies, and biscuits. Pack these in personalized tins and assemble them for sale. You can choose the lunch hour as the best time to do this. You will get enough money from this act of passion. 

Do a t-shirt printing contest

A t-shirt printing contest is a great fundraiser to start at school. Students would want to be part of a t-shirt designing and printing contest. Organize and let the rest vote for the best design. When it is done, have t-shirts printed in the winning design. You can sell them to other students and visitors. 

Fundraising has a lot of importance depending on the cause. There are lots of fundraising ideas for prom out there. You only have to pick a few, and you will get more money than you need and truly have a successful fundraiser. It should not be anything complicated or an expensive thing, the simple ideas will make you a good amount.