New Studies Show Digestive Enzymes Could Offer Respiratory Support

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( — October 9, 2019) Orlando, FL — Scientists have long been investigating the ways to enhance and protect respiratory health. There are actually nutrients and habits highly recommended to keep the lungs healthy.

Health authorities have long been warning against cigarette smoking, which is the major cause of lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It is worth realizing these particularly include chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

The American Lung Association provides some help to individuals who want to quit smoking.

It is also recommended to avoid exposure to indoor pollutants found to be damaging to the lungs, like secondhand smoke. It is similarly important to reduce exposure to outdoor air pollution.

Doctors warn that some respiratory infections can get highly severe. It is wise to reduce the risk of colds by avoiding crowds during flu season and washing the hands with soap and water for good hygiene.

It is further recommended to practice good oral hygiene, which can offer protection from the germs in the mouth that could potentially trigger infections.

Another respiratory health technique is to engage in physical activities like aerobic exercise, which can enhance lung capacity. There are also certain breathing exercises that enhance lung function in individuals with lung conditions like COPD.

In obtaining natural respiratory support, it is wise to consider the use of enzymes like invertase.

According to researchers, this digestive enzyme could aid in reducing the risk of flu and other respiratory infections.

It is worth realizing that invertase has long been studied due to its remarkable healing potentials. It has antioxidants that scientists have found can ward off a range of diseases.

In a European study involving 18,000 patients, it has been found that the use of honey drastically aided in cases of upper respiratory tract infections such as asthma, bronchitis, and allergies.

Invertase has also been found significantly beneficial for digestive health.

Supplements like Divine Bounty Digestive Enzymes may be useful in delivering the therapeutic goodness of this natural remedy.

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