5 Countries Where You Will Experience a Real Culture Shock

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(Newswire.net — October 3, 2019) — Before planning a trip to any foreign country, a traveler should seek to better understand the region’s culture, traditions, and the basic do’s and don’ts. 

Being a lover of culture, I make a point of traveling to a foreign country at least once a year (Yes, even a person of average income like me can travel the world.) As soon as I have browsed the Internet for cheap holidays, I do some background research on the country.

As such, I would like to share with you my top list of countries whose culture will shock you, literally!


Japan receives a lot of tourists annually. It’s rich culture can be both intriguing and inscrutable to a tourist; especially first-time visitors. First and foremost, bowing is in their culture. Japanese bow when they greet, thank or when bidding goodbye. Also, it is polite to use both hands when giving and receiving gifts. 

Tipping is the norm in countries like the United States. However, in Japan, tipping is actually insulting, whether at a restaurant or hotels. Speaking of restaurants, Japanese use chopsticks to eat their meals so make it your duty to learn the art before visiting this great nation. 

Last but not least, remember to take off your shoes when you visit shrines, temples, and even people’s homes. And don’t be shocked when you come across public bathhouses. They are much alive in Japan.


The first thing that you notice when you set foot in Senegal is their religiousness. Religion is important to the Senegalese that you will get suspicious looks if you seem a little ‘off’ on religion. What may come as a shock to most foreigners is that Senegalese believe in animism. Regardless of their religion, people here believe in supernatural forces and will even visit diviners and witch doctors.

To maintain good relations, greetings are crucial; even if you met again later in the day. Greetings entail inquiring of the person’s health and overall well-being and that of their family before proceeding to any other matters.

Just like in Japan, both hands should be used when giving or receiving gifts. Using only the left hand is unacceptable. During communications, Senegalese will speak in proverbs and metaphors. This is polite for them, especially in delicate matters


The first rule is to dress conservatively. Also, avoid flaunting your wealth and wearing expensive jewelry. The Vietnamese see this as impolite and a sign of foolishness (no pun intended.) 

They also use chopsticks to eat their rice and expect everyone to finish their plate of food. Leaving significant amounts of food on the plate, to them, is being wasteful.

In as much as there is a diversity in religion, the Vietnamese still practice ancestor worship, value  traditional cultures as well as respect family values.


As much as Indians will be lenient on foreigners, take the initiative to learn the Indian culture before a visit. What will surprise you is that Indians only use their right hand to eat and greet; the left is left for unsavory stuff like cleaning your bottom. Show due respect when visiting temples and shrines, Remember to take off your shoes.

Women are required to dress modestly and cover-up. Also, public displays of affection (PDA) like kissing and embracing should be done behind closed doors. They also have great respect for the elderly that some foreigners may mistake it for fear.


Unlike the United States where people are liberal, In china, seniority matters;. The elderly are treated with utmost respect. Gifts are presented with both hands and hugging can make the Chinese uncomfortable. 

When taking a tour at a temple, move in a clockwise direction and take off your hat when going in. Last but not least, punctuality is considered a virtue in this country.