What Makes a Good Watch? – What to Look For

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(Newswire.net — October 5, 2019) — When it comes to watches, everyone has their own taste in style and design. It’s something personal. While it’s difficult to say that there are bad watches, it helps to know the signs of a quality watch. So, what makes a good watch? Here are some important characteristics of a good watch.

What Makes a Good Watch?

This post highlights some of the typical signs of a good watch and how to easily identify them. The article mainly focuses on affordable watches.

The Material of The Watch

Quality watches are at least made of stainless steel. Ceramic or titanium watches are harder and better than stainless steel but they can be quite pricey. When compared to ‘normal’ steel, stainless steel cannot be affected by perspiration or moisture — which is what makes watches a great summer accessory. You’re also less likely to get skin irritation with a stainless-steel watch. That is why it is always best to seek online reviews, and guides so you can be sure that you only choose a timepiece that suits your needs and preferences. You can find quality and affordable timepieces from some popular brands on SpotTheWatch.

Moreover, a PVD coating is also important to ensure that a silver, black watch, rose gold or gold watch reserves its color. A watch without coating that’s frequently used may discolor within a year. The materials on the watch are often displayed on the back.

In addition, the weight of the watch may also be a sign of quality. It often gives an indication of the kind of movement used and how solid the used steel is. Better watch brands use higher purity level steel. However, the kind of PVD coating and stainless steel used is rarely marked on the watch so you can always check with the seller.

Kind of Watch Glass

Quality watches have sapphire glass. Sapphire glass stays scratch free and maintains a clear look even after frequent use. Your average watch is likely to have mineral glass or crystal glass, which are more susceptible to scratches. A watch made of sapphire glass will often be indicated as so on the back of the watch or dial.

The Watch Movement

Good affordable watches have a certified mechanical movement (COSC) or a quartz movement. Quartz movement watches (powered by a battery) are affordable and easy to find. A major advantage of this type of watches is that they have fewer moving parts, which makes them cheaper and more accurate.

Mechanical watches are relatively more expensive but they’ve proven themselves over time and their quality is unbeatable.

Water Resistance of a Watch

A few things can be as damaging to a watch than water. So, the water resistance of a watch is a good indication of its quality. For instance, water resistance of 10ATM is associated with a good quality watch. Water-resistance is often indicated on the back of the watch and also has varying degrees.

Bottom Line

So, what makes a good watch? In addition to the factors mentioned, you can also consider the strap, the finish and the name and heritage of the watch brand. When shopping around for a good watch, surprise or a great gift for someone special, spare some time to do your due diligence and take a few moments to look into the watch brand. Besides quality, a good watch brand can give you a bit of extra security to get spare parts, for example.